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Oppa Gangnam Style! Learn Body Language from PSY and Hyuna

Blog post   •   Oct 08, 2012 15:51 +08

Gangnam Style is a very popular music video from South Korea. Right now, it has more than 400,000,000 views on Youtube, and has become the most liked video in Youtube history.

Click on the link below if you have not watched it.


It is the ONLY song from Korea that managed to become a worldwide hit. The main rapper is PSY, and Hyuna from “Nobody Nobody But YOU” Wondergirls plays his love interest. There are a lot of lessons we can learn from Gangnam Style.

  1. Why did it become so popular?
  2. What makes it so special that celebrities from Britney Spears to Katy Perry are tweeting about it?

Those questions will be answered another day. In this article, we will learn from the body language of  PSY and Hyuna, and find out what makes them look masculine and feminine respectively. We will also discover how to apply this knowledge in our daily lives to make us more attractive to the opposite sex.

Body Language 101

Before we start, I want to share about masculine and feminine body language.

Masculine Body Language

For Men, the essence of great body language comes down to two words: Straight Lines

Straight lines means that your joints are all aligned in the most natural position with respect to the rest of your body. For example:

Picture of my own bent wrist

This is a picture of a bent wrist. It looks feminine and weak. Good for women, bad for guys.

My straight wrist

This is a picture of my straight wrist. It looks much more stronger and masculine. Good for guys, bad for girls.

Straight lines make you look masculine because you appear more stable and confident. For your head, look ahead with your chin level to the ground. Expand your shoulders and arms outwards to own and take up space around you. When walking or shifting in your seat, move one body part at a time. It is ok to be a little stiff.

Feminine body language

For women, good body language is the opposite of men. Instead of straight lines, focus on bent lines. Bend your torso. Bend your wrists. Bend your neck, your feet. Everywhere!

It makes you appear feminine when you body is bent because you look less stable, less aggressive and more vulnerable.

For your head, slightly tilt head downward while eyes looking upward. Bend your body inward as it is a sign of submission, and guys love it. Move multiple parts of your body at the same time. For example, when you shift in the chair, touch your hair and expose your neck at the same time. This makes you look more feminine.

Expose Your Body To Show Confidence

0 min 43 sec: PSY hug 2 women with fake snow blowing in his face

PSY is hugging 2 women with fake snow blowing directly towards them. Both women are blocking the snow with their hands. It is clear the woman on the right is especially uncomfortable about the fake snow. She is looking downwards to shield herself, and lifting her right arm to block the snow.

PSY, on the other hand, continues to hug the women despite the snow, and exposes his front torso and body. Exposing your torso is a sign of confidence because it signals to other people that you are not afraid of any danger. He exudes so much confidence that when he opens his mouth to sing, he doesn’t even care that the fake snow is blowing into his mouth. The front of his body is completely covered in the fake snow. But he doesn’t care. He is still hugging the ladies. It is  a very confident posture.

PSY’s body language screams, “I own these 2 women! They are my property! I am not afraid of the stupid snow blowing at me! And you better stay away!”

How To Look Sexy

1min 29 sec: Hyuna Protrudes Buttocks

Why does Hyuna appear so sexy in this scene?

She purposely protrudes her buttocks in an exagareted manner. Her short shorts also reveal her legs extensively.

Protruding buttocks trigger a very primal instinct in men. It makes us subconsciouly think that you are fertile, that you are able to have many babies. That’s why men like it, and that’s why that pose looks so sexy.

Lumbar Curve: The Trick To Appearing EVEN More Sexy

The lumbar region is the lower spine.

Curvature at Lumbar Area

Have you ever wondered why a person with hunch back looks so unattractive? Thats because a straight back with a curve at the lumbar region is a sign of a healthy spine.

For women, a healthy spine is a critical requirement for fertility. If you have poor spinal health, it is difficult for you to conceive and carry the baby around for 9 months.

That is why men instinctively associate the lumbar curve with fertility, and thus attractiveness.

Even in modern times, you still need a healthy lumbar curve to lift heavy weights and carry objects.

That is why hunchbacks look unattractive. Because we perceive them to be weaker, and unhealthy.



In the screenshot above, compare Hyuna with the girl on our left who has a straight back, and her buttocks are not protruding.

Who is more sexy?
It is clearly Hyuna. And its simply because she has a lumbar curve, and her buttocks are protruding.

Application In Real Life

Girls, to create the lumbar curve, imagine there is a ball nestled against your lumbar, and bend your body to accommodate it. At the same time, protrude your butoocks. When you have the lumbar curve, your buttocks will also naturally protrude. Use this posture when you are walking and standing. It will make you look feminine and attractive to men.

For guys, it is similar. Imagine you are resting the top half of your body weight on your lower spine, and your lumbar curve will automatically appear.

 Look Sexy and Feminine While Moving

2min 25 sec: Hyuna Swirling Around The Train Pole

Hyuna looks sexy in this scene because she moves several parts of her body simultaneously.

If you watch the video carefully, she turns her body, while moving her hands, feet and hair at the same time. It is this multiple motions together that makes her look sexy and feminine. Furthermore, her head is facing down while her eyes are looking up. This is a submissive gesture, and is alluring to men.

Her eyes are slightly covered by her hair, which makes her look mysterious.

Hyuna also has a lot of bent lines. Lets dive in more detail.

1)   Bent neck and chin line lowered.  Exposes neck. These are signs of submission.

2)   Fingers grab pole loosely. Cant see the wrist, but looks bent

3)   Shoulders turned in

4)   Bent wrist

5)   Rotated hips and waist

6)   Bent elbow

7)   Bent knees

8)   Bent thigh

9)   Bent ankle

See…. That’s why she looks so feminine here!

Nows your turn. Count how many bent parts of her body does she have in the pictures below.

Application In Real Life

Practice moving several parts of your body at the same time when you turn, sit down and stand up. It will definitely increase your feminine factor.

And girls, remember, bent lines makes you look attractive!

How To Show You Are Attracted To A Girl

2 min 30 sec: PSY Pulling Hyuna

PSY shows his dominance towards Hyuna by placing his hands over her head, and pulling her in to his space.

Guys, it is important to let the girl know that you want her, like how a man wants a woman. A lot of times guys are put in the friend zone, is not because the woman does not like you, but more because you are not giving her enough signals that you want her.

She can reject and tells you she feels uncomfortable, but you must leave no doubt in her mind, that you desire her, like a man desires a woman.

Hyuna plays her part by looking down and submitting herself to PSY. Use your body and tell the girl that you are keen on her.  Show her that you are sexually attracted to her using your movements. That’s how powerful body language is.

Learn from PSY’s Body Language

2 min 57 sec: PSY excellent body language

Observe PSY’s hands in this scene. His right hand is very angular and his fist is almost straight, leaning against his hipbone. He uses his left hand to spread himself and take up more space. You cannot see from this screenshot, but it looks like his left knuckles are also resting on his hips in a straight line. His right leg is straight while his right foot is aligned to his body and is not out of place.

Guys, take note. So many straight lines. This guy has excellent body posture.

Contrast PSY’s posture against the girl on our  left. Her right wrist is totally bent and leaning against her hipbone. The most distinctive bent line to appear feminine is to bend your wrist. The right foot of the girl is not aligned as PSY’s foot.

PSY Exhibiting Straight Lines

3 min 37 sec: PSY Straight Lines

Look how straight PSY’s right leg is. It is aligned to the rest of his body. I drew a straight line from his foot to his head to show my point. His right foot is pointing forward, and his left foot is very straight with respect to his left leg.  If you push him, he is not going to fall easily.

Hyuna’s right leg is bent, and she is resting her foot on a very small surface area. It is unstable. Compare it to PSY’s right foot. It is actually pointing directly towards the camera. PSY’s posture is more stable.

Now look at both their right hands.

They are similar poses but PSY’s right hand is higher than Hyuna. PSY’s left hand is stretched as far as his body allows him, again he is owning and expanding his space. Although he is plump, he stretches his arms as wide as he can go with chest pointing up exposed to the camera.

Hyuna’s hands are also tucked in, signifying submissiveness.


Guys, learn from PSY on how to open up and own your space.  Keep your body lines straight, and you will look masculine.

How to change your body language?

It might surprise you, but the easiest way to change your body language is through your feet. Your feet is the critical area that will decide the rest of your body language.

I remembered once during a workshop, I was seated next to a guy who had terrible body language. He slouched, and bent his body in all sorts of weird angles. His feet were never flat on the floor. Over two days of the workshop, I constantly knelt down and adjusted his feet 1 – 2 inches so that they were aligned to his legs, and flat on the ground. The result of changing that 1 – 2 inches of his feet was enough to cause him to shift and change his entire body, to make it more aligned.

Right now, as you are reading this, look at your feet. Are they flat against the ground, pointing straight and aligned to your leg? If not, shift it and stay there. Your body will naturally respond to that change, and will shift itself to make you straighter.

For ladies, keep yourselves as bendy as possible especially at your hips and wrist. When you move, move multiple parts of your body at the same time. Do not move it one after another.

I hope that you learned something from this article. See you next time!