Safe Sex : Four Sex Toys You Need

Blog post   •   Dec 23, 2013 16:13 +08

Enjoying a satisfying sex life begins with having chemistry with your partner, but can become even more enjoyable with a few small additions to your "underbed collection." Condoms and sex toys can be used along with foreplay to intensify sensations and increase arousal while ensuring the safety and protection of both partners. Here are a few of the most popular safe sex accessories:

Condoms - most commonly used to provide a barrier method of sexual protection that prevents unwanted pregnancy and the spread of STDs, designs have evolved beyond mere function. Built-in textures such as ribs and spirals offer a sensual upgrade, while others feature flavored lubricants that give the benefit of friction-free glide and a delicious oral treat. Condoms can also be used on sex toys such as vibrators and dildos to make cleanup easy and sharing between partners safe.

Vibrating Rings - Used to extend the performance and control of a male wearer, vibrating rings can also be used to anchor a condom in place for safer sex. This method prevents slipping, rolling and sliding of condoms that can compromise the barrier, while adding pleasant vibration for both partners. Female users can also "borrow" these pleasurable adult toys to add clitoral stimulation to a traditional vibrator - simply slip the ring over the shaft and enjoy!

Dildos - When made of a premium non-porous material such as silicone or glass, dildos can be safely used by both men and women, provided they are cleaned between uses. Pure silicone dildos, for example, can be boiled or bleached in a 10% solution to sterilize them, making them ideal for cross-gender use or as playtoys for multiple partners.

Lubricant - More than simply a tool to make sex feel better, lubricants help condoms maintain their integrity, and prevent the abrasion and cuts that can occur when the passive partner is not "warmed up" enough during foreplay. Preventing this friction significantly reduces the chances of contracting an STI or STD from a positive partner, and, when paired with condoms, ensures safe, satisfying sex you'll both enjoy. Try silicone-based lubricants for "backdoor" fun, as they'll maintain their pleasant glide for long, sensual sessions.