Sexual Evolution

Blog post   •   Dec 29, 2013 10:30 +08

An evolution in the way mainstream society perceives sex is in action. People are, for the most part, feeling freer and more sexually open than ever before in the history of man. This new found freedom was gained slowly through many social justice triumphs. A hundred years ago, things were a lot different than they are now. Throughout human history, openly sexual women were labeled whores and ostracized from society. Women, gay people, minorities, feminists, and social activists have been judged, treated like dirt, and oppressed since the dawn of time. These groups have been denied their basic human rights to autonomy and sexual freedom.

With the full development and modernization of a country comes more of a focus on human rights, social welfare, and an over-all air of tolerance. This is due to better access to education, health, and social resources. Many countries remain intolerant despite these widespread changes in human rights, but this is mostly in still developing nations because the process of development wreaks havoc on culture and human welfare. Surprisingly, though fully developed, much of America remains intolerant still.

Many countries remain intolerant of open sexuality despite a new air of tolerance sweeping the globe. This intolerance is mainly rooted in archaic religious doctrine that was created thousands of years ago that says the heterosexual male is to govern and reign above all other life, including women, children, and animals. They see homosexuality as an 'abomination' or a moral failing. The high density of Christian and Catholic sects of people that still hold these old world views are undoubtedly responsible for the remaining intolerance in America.

Religious zealots aggressively impose their morality on everyone around them, persecuting those who insist on living in a sexually open way. Advocates for personal freedom still have a long way to go, but many triumphs been gained such as the social acceptance of same sex marriage. Countries that have decriminalized same sex marriage and sexual preference include: Belgium, Argentina, Canada, Brazil, Denmark, Iceland, the Netherlands, France, New Zealand, Portugal, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Uruguay, South Africa, and parts of Mexico and the United States.

Many people around the world are choosing to break out of archaic ways of thinking about sex and freedom in general. People are less ashamed to be themselves sexually. Taboo sexual acts are becoming more main stream. A hundred years ago it would have been impossible and illegal to make an industry based on sexual experience, but now many people are evolving to accept sex as a shameless part of life. Singapore sex toys market, the red light district in Amsterdam, gay pride marches around the world, and hyper sexualized advertising has paved the way for a sexual liberation! So don't wait for someone to give you permission! Live free!