Sky Tower and KONE - An UltraRope™ Case Study

Blog post   •   Jul 18, 2016 15:41 +08

Standing 328m tall over Auckland's skyline for almost 20 years, Sky Tower is an iconic structure that plays host to a variety of activities for New Zealand's residents and tourist alike.

Getting people up and down the tower to enjoy the spectacular panoramic views of the city safely and efficiently is a key area of importance for Sky Tower and one that KONE is proud to contribute to with KONE UltraRope™. This ground breaking technology is made of a carbon fiber core and a high-friction coating. KONE UltraRope™ is light, durable, strong and has a lifetime at least twice that of steel hoisting ropes.

Take a look at the end results and see how Sky Tower and KONE have partnered together to usher in this ground breaking technology to an important cultural icon: