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Smart security systems for your home

Blog post   •   Aug 05, 2016 14:34 +08

Your home is your sanctuary, a place you can't wait to return to at the end of the day. It is also one of the biggest investments you'll ever make. But have you thought about how to keep your home and family safe from intruders?

The latest security systems offer a range of sophisticated features that can provide peace of mind for the most vigilant homeowner. But given the plethora of options out there, it is better to evaluate your needs to know what best suits your home. Here's an overview of the latest security system technologies in the market today.

Smart security cameras, sensors and apps

Thanks to the latest advances in home automation, devices and sensors, there are now countless ways to keep your home and its occupants safe. A key feature of these systems is that they allow you to control and monitor your security appliances from wherever you are in the world, via a smartphone or web-connected device.

Examples include live images on your phone from a camera installed at the front door, text alerts that are sent whenever smoke or carbon monoxide is detected, and a floor map that shows the activity of motion sensors inside the house. And because these systems give you a direct line to your security cameras and sensors, you don’t have to worry about paying monthly fees to a security company.

As our mobile devices become more powerful, the security apps that run on them are getting more sophisticated as well. The latest iPhone and iPad security viewer apps, for instance, do much more than just display an image. You can also use them to pan, tilt and zoom the camera, as well as review previously recorded footage – all from your device's touchscreen.

Sharper images, better portability

One of the biggest innovations in home security is the introduction of wireless networks. They allow homeowners and renters to build and maintain a custom-designed home security system at a fraction of the cost of traditional systems. In addition, because a wireless security camera isn't tethered to your home, you can also take it to the office, on vacation or wherever you need security surveillance at short notice.

The Panasonic Nubo monitoring camera is at the cutting edge of this new concept. Its 4G network connectivity enables it to be used wherever Wi-Fi is unavailable – ideal for your garage, so you can monitor your car. ZigBee support also offers seamless integration with an existing smart home system.

The superior imaging of the Nubo delivers high-definition video, and infrared sensitivity keeps you safe when you're snuggled in bed at night. It also packs a two-way speaker and microphone, allowing you to use it as a baby monitor directly from your mobile device.

Thanks to new advancements in sensor technology, apps and wireless networks, the latest home security systems are more than just 'smart' – they are advanced enough to integrate products and networks in a way that ensures the complete safety of your home. To find out more about such technological marvels, join the discussion on our Panasonic Homes & Living LinkedIn page or subscribe to our Panasonic Homes & Living blog.