Tips for giving Sex Toys as Gifts

Blog post   •   Jan 12, 2014 01:30 +08

Sex toys are a wonderful gift for your lover or friend, allowing you to literally put pleasure in a box and present it to someone else. Whether your recipient has never experienced the fun of an adult toy before or already has a robust collection of "battery operated buddies," giving them a vibrator or other adult novelty tells them that you care about their satisfaction between the sheets, and would love to put a big smile on their face -- even if you won't be there to see it. Here are a few tips to help you select the perfect toy for your recipient:

The Cute Route

For those that have never owned a toy, the idea of trying a sex toy might be blush-worthy. A fun, lighthearted vibrator such as the Heavenly Heart takes some of the "shock value" away and allows a user to enjoy their toy without embarrassment. Alternately, for men, a hidden masturbator like the Tenga Cup will give them the sensation they crave without the concern of having their toys discovered by nosy company. 

Sneak a Peek

If your gift recipient already has toys and it would be appropriate for you to look at them -- a boyfriend, girlfriend or lover, for example -- take a look at their existing favorite or favorites. Simple facts such as these will guide you in your choice:
* The material it's made of: if their toy stash is filled with smooth plastic toys or soft, flesh-like ones, match the material to get the perfect sex toys as gift!
* The shape of the toy itself: if you see a lot of smaller "bullet" style vibrators, your recipient probably enjoys external stimulation as opposed to internal. The opposite is true if you see long, girth-y shafts on vibrators and dildos.

Be Considerate

Sex toys are a very personal belonging, so be sure to keep your recipient first and foremost in your mind while shopping. Once you've found the perfect adult toy, give it to them discreetly, at a time when they can examine it alone or with you -- most people don't want to parade a dildo around the office. Don't use a toy to get your own way, either -- if you've been trying to get your partner interested in anal sex, say, and give them a butt plug instead of a toy more suited to their tastes, your gift might become a point of contention. When in doubt, if you're buying for a lover, grabbing a partner sex toy like the Vi-Bo Finger Orb will keep you both entertained for many steamy nights to come!