Ways to Entice Him with Sex Toys in the Bedroom

Blog post   •   Dec 19, 2013 13:14 +08

Even if you have been in a long term relationship for what seems like forever, your sex life does not need to take a nose dive. Sure, you might not feel like ripping each other's clothes off the minute you get a small window of private time any more but you do not have to settle into a dull and dreary time in the bedroom. Stave off the granny pants and flannel night gown for awhile longer and use some fun toys to help jump start your sex life.

Maybe you have tried lingerie and massage oils in the past, and discovered the effects have not lasted very long. Don't worry. There are a few other tricks and techniques that you can add to your arsenal in order to rev up your sex life. In fact, simply by choosing the right sex toys, you can add an entirely new dimension and bring him pleasure like he has never known before.

You might find that your man is initially resistant to using sex toys in the bedroom with you. Many men won't say why they don't want to use them but you can play on his sense of novelty and adventure. Tell him that you want to keep him guessing about what will happen in the bedroom and one of the ways of doing so is to introduce new elements of playfulness. After all, the possibilities that sex toys can bring into your sex life are almost limitless, especially given the extensive selection that is available today.

If this tactic does not seem to work to warm your man up to the idea of the two of you using various sex toys, there is another way that will almost surely get him eager to be part of the action. You can let him see you enjoying the toys on your own. Depending on your personalities, you can even let him accidentally "catch" you doing this. Most men, though they might be unsure at first, are often quickly won over by their excitement at seeing your excitement.