What are the Key Ingredients for Great Airline Marketing?

Blog post   •   May 22, 2014 14:45 +08

Airline marketing is in a state of great change.

One of the great pleasures of working in an aviation marketing consultancy is the constant joy in discovering new campaigns by airlines and airports. Airlines, as we mentioned yesterday, have been doing much better than airports when it comes to evolving marketing strategies in the age of the Connected Traveller, when digital and social media have become so very important.

But what about actual marketing campaigns? What have airlines been upto? What sort of campaigns have they been running? Our research into over 350 airline marketing case-studies across the globe has resulted in our publication of over 20 issues of our monthly Airline Marketing Benchmark Reports, in partnership with

While these premium reports are subscribed to by the likes of Qantas, Turkish Airlines, Google, Etihad, Air New Zealand and many more, we thought we’d also share with the public some of the most interesting statistics and take-aways from the case-studies we published.

Here are 3 key take-aways from the infographic.

  • Airlines have focused on 5 types of airline marketing campaigns.
  • Airline marketing is now definitely more Social than ever, clocking in over 100 Social campaigns of the 350 we researched.
  • European airlines lead with the most number of innovative marketing campaigns, and responsible for over 140 airline marketing campaigns over the last two years.
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