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Where Can I Find Love?

Blog post   •   Oct 23, 2012 15:15 +08

Love is everywhere. It cannot be that difficult to find, if most of your friends and family have found it already. The key factor to find love is to have the right mindset. Once your mind is tuned towards the right direction, then it is very easy to let love come to you. Humans have a natural desire to love and be loved, but our past experiences and hurts can cause us to believe otherwise. Have you ever had the belief that "I will never get boyfriend / girlfriend?" or "I will never find true love"Be honest. Maybe at one point of your life the thought had at least crossed your mind, or maybe this belief still persists today even as you read this words on this page. Beliefs are insidious. They creep up on you when you least expect it, then weave themselves so deeply into your life, that you don't realize they exist, and are controlling your every thought, actions and reactions. A belief is like an operating system on a computer. It supports your workflow, your programs, and basically everything you do. But how often you think about your operating system? Probably only when it screws up. And thats the same thing with beliefs too. Most people only think about it, when the results in their lives are screwed up, and they need to make a major changes (reformat, reinstall windows)

Find Me A Wife... NOW!

Beliefs usually come from our past experiences. A bad break up in the past can lead you to believe that you will never find someone to share your life or to start a family with. Going out for dates after dates with no positive response might lead you to believe that you are unlovable, and nobody wants you. These experiences will leave you hurt, sad, angry and frustrated - and lead you to believe that you will never find a wife or husband. Our beliefs also come from friends, family and teachers. If your parents were very strict about you not having boyfriends, you might develop an innate fear of men, and subconsciously sabotage your relationships. A clear sign of self sabotaged relationships is when you are always the one ending it, and the reasons are always the same. If you have rejected the last 5 men because “they were players” or “they were boring” or “there was no chemistry” that means you are self sabotaging.

I Will Never Find Love :(

Beliefs are useful to help you get the goal you want. There are no right or wrong beliefs. If my ambition is to be a monk, then it would be very useful to have beliefs like “women are bad”, “relationships just take up time and money”, “women are energy vampires who is only useful for sucking up my energy, then leaving me for someone else.” However, if I want to have a girlfriend and get married, then these beliefs will not help. Singles with destructive beliefs about relationships assume that "I will never find love" is the only aspect of reality. It is the only way things work “in real life”. They simply cannot imagine a world where have a spouse that they have fun together and have deep soulful conversations with. Its like telling you pigs can fly. You cannot imagine that right? You see, the beliefs we have about ourselves and the world play a big part of what we can achieve in life, the results we get, and how we respond to situations that happen to us. When you start to think and believe that you are not fated to find a boyfriend, this perspective can become so embedded in your minds over time that it is all you will believe. It can take years of reflection and will power to identify these destructive beliefs, then start changing them. Its a process that does not happen over night.