Assessing The Environmental Impacts Of Consumption And Production

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A 112 page report by the UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme) and International Panel for Sustainable Resource Management on consumption and production.

Eat less meat to save the planet - UN

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The world needs to change to a more vegetarian diet to stand a chance of tackling climate change, according to a major new United Nations report. By Louise Gray, Environment Correspondent1:36PM BST 02 Jun 2010

UN urges global move to meat and dairy-free diet

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Lesser consumption of animal products is necessary to save the world from the worst impacts of climate change, UN report says. Felicity Carus, Wednesday 2 June 2010 18.09 BST

Reduce meat consumption!

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Show video by the UN on how reduction of meat consumption can be instrumental in saving planet!

Solar Panels Are Cheaper Than We've Been Told

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With the solar industry delivering ferocious cost reductions, falling as much as 11% in just 6 months, it's little wonder that some predict that solar will be cheaper than coal in the very near future. Fascinatingly though, Joshua Hill over at Cleantechnica reports that even many positive reports about grid parity and solar competitiveness are overrestimating solar's true costs. New research claims that many studies are simply ignoring the 70% drop in cost of solar since 2009, for example, and are incorrectly estimating a system's lifespan at 20 years, when the real number is 30 years or more. (Modern panels also lose efficiency much more slowly than older technologies.)

And as Clean Technica notes, this doesn't even take into account the astoundingly high hidden costs of coal and other fossil fuels. Folks used to ask whether we can afford to go solar. Increasingly, the question seems to be whether we can afford not to.

Going solar is not as expensive as you think. Different systems which harness solar energy, including solar heaters are getting cheaper and saves money in the future. There have been many reports about grid parity and solar competitiveness, over-estimating solar's true costs. This is in addition to the unaccounted high hidden costs of coal and other fossil fuels.

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The Business Times (Monday, December 5, 2011) Citibank Young Investors Forum (Pg. 11)

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STARTING YOUNG A green tech firm that helps you cut bills Chloros co-founder Peter Goh was a businessman first and environmentalist later, reports TEH SHI NING

Just How Green is Our Business Scene?

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"There is growth potential in the local green industry" says Peter Goh, co-founder of Chloros Solutions, in an interview with ACE Singapore.

Save money by saving the world!

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Good Paper recently published a story on Chloros Solutions, and how we, at Chloros, are committed to educating and helping individuals save on their utility bills whilst at the same time become greener. 

Read about it in:

Read about us in the Good Paper:

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"Resource Stores" Recycle, Repair, Upcycle and Resell "Waste" in France

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If you ever took high school French, you probably learned (and forgot) words like la patisserie and la boulangerie. But you likely never heard la ressourcerie- and it wasn't your teacher's fault. Joining France's countless pastry shops and bakeries is a new kind of shop, which collects unwanted goods, repairing them if necessary, selling or upcycling them if possible, and, if all else fails, properly recycling them. And their numbers are growing.

Ressourceries, which could be translated as "resource shops," operate something like Goodwill or the Salvation Army, accepting donations of used goods and reselling them at discounted prices. But the ressourceries take it to the next level by just about anything that's brought through the door.

The results are impressive; photos of a Paris ressourcerie look like an upcyling wonderland. Lamps with plastic bottle shades, tennis ball photo frames, a mirror framed by recycled tires sit among shelves of books and racks of clothing. The Interloque Ressourcerie in Paris even collects and repairs old computers, creating affordable options for simple uses.

According to the national network's web site, ressourceries have four functions:

    • Collect and add value to waste to resell objects at modest prices
    • Increase public awareness of "eco-citizen" acts of reducing waste through the three Rs
    • Act for the environment
    • Develop an economy of solidarity and cooperate openly with all

With the repair and resale of old goods, everyone wins: Jobs are offered to those with low social-economic status; goods are sold at reasonable prices; raw materials are saved; the City spends less money collecting and sorting trash.

So far, there are only two ressourceries in Paris and around 80 in France. But the idea is catching on, and four more are set to open in the capital in 2012.

"Resource shops" in France accept donations of used goods, repaired or recycled and finally resell them at discounted prices.

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Hour 24: New York

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Al Gore explains the "New Normal" of long periods of droughts followed by short period of heavy rains. He also rebuts climate deniers point-by-point.

Al Gore explains the "New Normal" of long periods of droughts followed by short period of heavy rains. He also rebuts climate deniers point-by-point.

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