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Japan’s Number 1 Kushikatsu Chain, Kushikatsu Tanaka, with it’s first Asian outlet in Singapore!

Press Release   •   Dec 12, 2017 14:28 +08

The popular izakaya specializes in fried cutlet skewers and its famous dipping sauce

SINGAPORE, 13 December 2017 – Boasting 160 outlets just in Japan, Kushikatsu Tanaka has won over the hearts and stomachs of many diners, who flock to the shop for its famous Osaka-style fried cutlet skewers and signature special dipping sauce.

The famous signature dipping sauce is made from a well-guarded family recipe passed down from creator Mr Yukichi Tanaka, to his daughter, Ms. Hiroe Tanaka. Kushikatsu Tanaka's founders - CEO Mr. Keiji Nuki, and Vice-President Ms. Hiroe Tanaka, had been business partners for around 20 years, and were intending to put their business ventures to a stop after numerous ups and downs in the industry.

While packing up her family's belongings in Tokyo to head back to Osaka, Ms. Hiroe Tanaka found her late father's secret recipe, which was based on a kushikatsu restaurant they both loved. After plenty of trials on the recipe, the Mr. Nuki and Ms. Tanaka decided to try their hands one last time with Kushikatsu Tanaka. They opened its first outlet in Setagaya, Tokyo, in 2008. After just 9 years in the Japanese market, there are now a total of 165 shops in Japan as of Nov 2017, with 70 direct and 95 franchised.

On the arrival of Kushikatsu Tanaka on Singapore’s shores, founder Mr. Keiji Nuki says, “As Singapore is a major hub in Asia, I believe that Kushikatsu will be more well-known and accepted in this region with the launch of our outlet here.”

Golden Kushikatsu

The great taste of the golden kushikatsu comes from their secret formula and method. The skewers covered with finely-ground panko crumbs are fried in a unique blend of oil – which includes beef fats, for that distinctive crisp and light taste. Kushikatsu Tanaka’s very own panko flour, batter and sauce are imported directly from Japan to ensure the original, authentic flavour.

A good balance of the sweet and savoury, the sauce is great for pairing with the fried skewers and is served across all Kushikatsu Tanaka outlets. Do note that following the tradition in Japan, double-dipping into the sauce bowl is prohibited! From panko crumbs, to oil blend, to sauce, painstaking attention is paid to every detail that goes into the making of the perfect kushikatsu.

The Singapore outlet will feature a lineup of kushikatsu and popular Osaka street food items on the menu, known as the traditional “Konamon” food in Japan. ”Konamon” food is defined as affordable and casual fast food sold by vendors, which includes Takoyaki, Okonomiyaki, Ikayaki and most flour coated food items. In Osaka, “Konamon” vendors are everywhere, and this being a city of gourmands, even the most affordable street food still tastes amazing.

Menu Items

In Kushikatsu Tanaka, diners may enjoy the best of kushikatsu and “Konamon” food with the following:

  • Signature Kushikatsu: Golden kushikatsu with over 30 variations for you to choose from, including delicious kushikatsu beef, prawn, asparagus, lotus root and even cookies and cream! ($1.00 - $2.50)
  • Chiritori Hotpan + Risotto: A sizzling hotpan dish of beef slices served on a bed of beansprouts, topped with beef offal and chilli powder for a spicy and savoury flavor. After finishing the nabe, diners can cook curry cheese risotto on the pan with curry powder, egg and rice to soak up the goodness of the remaining rich broth. (Choose between: Pork/Beef slices, and Wagyu Beef Big Intestines. $18.00/2 pax for beef, $16.00/2pax for pork)
  • DIY Potato Salad: Make your own creamy or chunky potato salad with Japanese mayonnaise, and top it with seasoned boiled egg, fresh lettuce and bacon bits. ($8.00)
  • DIY Takoyaki: Unique experience where you can prepare the popular Japanese delights the way you like with Octopus and Benishoga. (Preserved ginger) ($10.00)
  • DIY Onigiri: Prepare your onigiri according to your preferred shape or size, with nori and choice of toppings. ($5.00)

Cover charge $3 for sauce/cabbage per pax, no 10% service charge.

The restaurant also offers one of the largest range of Jim Beam highballs with over 15 varieties such as Triple Berry Highball, Triple Citrus Highball and Aomori Ringo Highball, all from $6.00.

Enjoy the lively atmosphere at Kushikatsu Tanaka, with Chinchirorin, a fun Japanese drinking game! Chinchirorin is a two dice game in which the results of the dice roll entitles one to get a privilege drink, free of charge, or half priced, or double price for a double sized "Mega Highball". To start, the guest will throw two dice into a bowl while saying ‘Chin Chiro Ri----n”. If even results, you get half-priced Jim Beam Highball. If odd numbered results, you get "penalized" with a double-priced Mega Highball. If you get doubles, you are entitled to a free Jim Beam Highball.

About Kushikatsu Tanaka

Kushikatsu Tanaka is managed by renowned Suntory Food & Beverage International (SFBI) – a subsidiary of Suntory Group, holding more than 13 years of regional experience in the F&B Industry with popular restaurants such as SUN with MOON. In addition, SFBI directly owns and operates all Pepper Lunch outlets in Singapore, and holds the Master Franchise rights in Asia and China.The SFBI Core Operations Team from Singapore is trained in Kushikatsu Tanaka Japan to acquire the specialized cooking skills, paramount knowledge and hospitality for one month in order to serve the best quality Kushikatsu in Singapore as in Japan.

Kushikatsu Tanaka have been a listed company from 14th Sep in 2016 at TSE Mothers. Their value is rapidly soaring with their excellent performance in Japan. The chain also received a Japan F&B business award in 2013, which was launched from 2004. The award is given to the most outstanding F&B player who contributed to Japanese F&B business.

For media enquiries, please contact:

Melody Ling, mobile +65 8322 8789, email

Jan Jee Chong, mobile +65 9773 6457, email

Jana Tan, mobile +65 9008 8627, email


Address 3A River Valley Road, Merchants’ Court Clarke Quay Block A #01-01B
Singapore 179020


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