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Long Jiang Classic Noodle and Congee House - Opening at Clarke Quay

Press Release   •   Oct 09, 2017 14:30 +08

Singapore, 8th October 2017 - Long Jiang Classic Noodle and Congee House has hold its place in Singapore’s prime entertainment district. Synonymous with nightlife, Clarke Quay is never dim, lined with bars, clubs and upbeat music. Besides drinking, night owls will now be pleased to find comforting seafood congee dishes or heart warming noodle soups in the wee hours. Spanning over 2530 square feet, the restaurant seats up to 116 people, making it great for family occasions of all sorts.

Headed and co-founded by Chef Francis Chong 張偉忠, Long Jiang Classic Noodle and Congee House retains the essence of traditional Chinese cuisine in central Singapore. As the President of Society of Chinese Cuisine Chefs (新加坡中厨协会), the master of seafood has an extensive palate, experience and impeccable skills in Chinese cuisine. Inspired by culinary career, Chef Chong hopes the establishment of Long Jiang Classic Noodle and Congee brings people together over quality and fresh seafood dishes that is available late night.

Acknowledged by the many awards and accolades under his belt, Chef Chong has won outstanding Gold Medallist for both personal and team categories for The World Golden Chef Competition 2010, Most Outstanding Award for Red Majesty Chefs Cup Challenge 2011 the Five Star Gold Award for the Hong Kong Gourmet Master Chef 2012, and Champion of Taiwan International Culinary Exhibition in 2014.

Operating from 5pm to 4am daily, the restaurants boasts dishes of fine dining standards when hunger strikes late. Now, night goers can seek to Long Jiang Classic Noodle and Congee House for drinks and fresh seafood specialties like Braised Cheesy Lobster Bee Hoon to Lobster with Conpoy Porridge.

The array of side dishes does not shy away from the restaurant’s specialties: Seafood. Vietnamese Scallop & Prawn Skewers and Marinated Abalone Mesclun Salad, just to name a few.

Family portions are listed on the menu too, where groups of 3 to 4 may order larger servings of congees and noodles for sharing. Despite its location, Long Jiang Classic Noodle and Congee caters to all ages and groups. Kids-friendly beverages like Popcorn Frappe and Cendol Frappe are sure to please a sweet tooth, while adults may choose to sip on Chinese Herbal Teas or beers. Now everyone can have a taste of quality, fresh seafood cuisine suited to a chef’s palate.

Lobster with Conpoy Porridge (生滚干贝龙虾粥)
($98/Pot, 3-4 pax)

A comforting congee dish the Chinese are familiar with, conpoy, 乾貝 or dried scallops are known for their umami and sweet flavours. Long Jiang Classic Noodle and Congee house elevates the basic conpoy congee we’ve always knew opulently, as whole lobsters are added. Pairing them with lobster, and a plush pot of heart warming dish is born.

Left: Signature Ocean Treasures Porridge
($48/ Pot, 3-4 pax)

Treasures of the seas come together again with the Signature Ocean Treasures Porridge! An assortment of luxurious crustaceans with mud crab, crayfish, conpoy and clams lies over a sea of congee, sure a crowd pleaser for the family.

Right: Cereal & Multigrain Porridg (生滚五谷杂粮粥)
($10.80 Individual/ $20 Pot, 3-4 pax)

Vegetarians, rejoice! A colourful medley of diced pumpkin, purple potato, black eyed peas, peanuts and vegetables are topped over a bed of creamy congee. This wholesome yet nourishing dish is perfect for the health conscious or for someone who is looking to indulge in something nutritious and filling.

Braised Cheesy Lobster Bee Hoon (芝士龙虾焖米粉)
($98, 3-4 pax)

A dish with the one of the sea’s highly prized possessions: Lobster. In house specially prepared bee hoon soaks up the tangy and rich cheese sauce while whole lobster is added atop, heightening the noodle dish to opulence. A tinge of spiciness is added to the dish, so fear not if you dread the sharp flavours of cheese.

Long Jiang Classic Noodle and Congee House
Clarke Quay - 3B River Valley Road
The Foundry #01-16
Singapore 179021

Daily operation hours:
5 pm – 4 am

T: 6266 3323
F: 6266 3383

For more media enquiries or information on Long Jiang Classic Noodle and Congee House, feel free to contact:

Aloysius Ng
T: +65 8299 5945

Vernice Toh
T: +65 9329 1062

Find us on Facebook & Instagram: @longjiangclassi

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