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Living large in cramped spaces

Living large in cramped spaces

Documents   •   Dec 27, 2014 11:55 +08

Following Singapore's first-ever survey on clutter in homes, and the government's launch of a taskforce to help hoarders, a spate of articles on clutter and hoarding came out in the press. Here we've summarized the key points for sharing. There's much social stigma around clutter, but many don't understand that getting organized is actually a learned skill, much like cooking is. Just get help.

Goodbye clutter, hello work-life balance

Goodbye clutter, hello work-life balance

Documents   •   Feb 03, 2015 12:15 +08

The clutter on our desk is probably the reason why we stay late at work. There's no shame in not knowing how to get organized - all of us need to be taught the right way, just like we need to be taught how to cook a mean bowl of laksa or churn out tasty cakes. If your office looks like a hurricane just passed through it, we can help you get organized, PERMANENTLY. No rebound, no overtime.

The small changes that make the biggest difference

Some months ago, a member of another BNI chapter visited our chapter. The speed at which we set-up and pack-up for the meeting piqued his curiosity, so we shared with him the secrets of our efficient set-up. After implementing it at his chapter, he gladly reported that his chapter has shaved their set-up and pack-up time by half! When in doubt, always question the process and re-jig it!!

Incorporating operational efficiency into interior design

Besides personal decluttering services, Edits Inc's expertise are also sought after by clients who want to maximize the operational efficiency of their store or office. By conducting traffic flow analysis at the site, and analyzing a client's workflow and inventory usage patterns, we can critically evaluate if the current interior design improves or obstructs the operations.

5S - the key to higher operating profits

5S - the key to higher operating profits

Documents   •   Sep 10, 2014 15:45 +08

Many know about TQM, JIT, etc, used in manufacturing, but the 5S concept rarely heard of. Orderliness tends to be treated as a quality that everyone should possess but unfortunately, it isn't quite correct. Find out how Edits Inc applies 5S using industrial engineering methodology to help its clients create a work environment that minimizes errors, increases efficiency and improves profitability.

Rethink workflows and functionality of fixtures to improve operating outcomes

This article is from the New York Times international edition. It illustrates how a basic rethinking of workflow in hospital rooms leads to simple changes in position of equipment and fixtures that has significant impact on medical error rates, fall rates among patients and ultimately, improves patient recovery rate. Remember, functionality makes a big difference in operating outcomes.

Edits Inc conducts workshop for MUJI fans and customers

This October, Edits Inc is working with MUJI again to conduct workshops for its fans, featuring items from the MUJI to GO range. Edits Inc will teach participants how to pack, unpack and repack their luggages in a hurry, without messing it up, and still leave space for shopping. The MUJI to GO range offers quality products that focus on compactness, functionality and comfort for your travels.

Edits Inc featured in City News, 15 May 2014

Edits Inc featured in City News, 15 May 2014

Documents   •   Jun 04, 2014 22:43 +08

In this article, Edits Inc explains its efficiency-based, process-driven approach to organizing projects for their clients. It's this approach that differentiates Edits Inc's work e.g. a domestic helper or a parent. Our Founder also talks about her inspiration for starting the business and how it is a lateral application of the skills and knowledge she acquired in her corporate job.

Edits Inc featured in Muji's 11th anniversary marketing campaign, 04 Apr 2014

Edits Inc is featured in Muji's 11th anniversary marketing campaign advertisement in MyPaper on 04 Apr. Our projects regularly involve us buying storage furniture and containers for our clients. Muji's products regularly appear on our purchase list because of its durability and functionality. Edits Inc has been a constant fan of Muji and we're happy it's leading to a collaboration in this form.

Edits Inc featured in AsiaOne, 27 Feb 2014

Edits Inc featured in AsiaOne, 27 Feb 2014

Documents   •   Jun 04, 2014 22:58 +08

AsiaOne picked up on the article that first appeared in The New Paper on 25 Feb. Professional organizing is an esoteric profession after all, particularly in South-East Asia, where many families have domestic helpers. So why would someone pay good money to get organized? Because with Edits Inc, everything is within a 10 seconds reach, AND it only takes 5 minutes of maintenance everyday.

Edits Inc featured in MyPaper, 26 Feb 2014

Edits Inc featured in MyPaper, 26 Feb 2014

Documents   •   Jun 04, 2014 16:52 +08

MyPaper, a bilingual paper in Singapore, featured Edits Inc on 26 Feb 2014. Professional organizing services are gradually being recognized in Singapore, due to the challenges with a busy lifestyle. Getting organized may not be a trait that everyone possess, but help is available to get people out of the trenches of a vicious cycle of organizing, then having the clutter accumulate again.

Edits Inc featured in The New Paper, 25 Feb 2014

Edits Inc did a desk make-over for a staff of The New Paper, while their team documented the whole process through pictures and video. The desk was in a very unusual state of clutter, but soon it morphs into a calm working sanctuary. Read the full article online at: Watch the Razor TV episode at:

Edits Inc featured in The Straits Times, 05 Jan 2014

Edits Inc's was interviewed for the Sunday Life! section of The Straits Times, Singapore's leading broadsheet, to dish out our top tips for the spring cleaning season. Beyond mere spring cleaning and decluttering, it's about placing items so that everything is within a 10-second reach, so that there is no psychological barriers to putting them away at the end of the day.

 Edits Inc featured in 3M's ad in Home & Decor, Oct 2013 issue

Edits Inc is featured in 3M's marketing campaign for its newly launched bathroom storage series. Our projects regularly involve us using various 3M products - for storage and for hanging items. 3M's products are well-thought out in terms of design and is very durable, yet versatile. Edits Inc has been a constant fan of 3M and we're happy that it's led to a collaboration in this form.