ApexPeak hands Umati Capital a $10 million finance line

Press releases   •   Aug 21, 2014 18:02 +08

Umati Capital are set to disrupt traditional supply chain finance. Having competed a six-month pilot of their proprietary solution, M-Trader, the founders of Umati Capital are keen to take M-Trader nationwide, and open their doors to every agriculture-related business in Kenya.

M-Trader is one of three mobile applications launched as part of a suite, designed to make the adoption of invoice discounting easy for SME farmers and multi-nationals.

“We are confident our loan book will grow twenty-fold come December 2014. Since the launch of M-Trader, we have attracted a pipeline of over 50,000 active users,” says co-founder Ivan Mbowa.

“Four large industrial companies purchasing volume agriculture products for retail sale have also joined the programme, and we expect this number to grow before the year is out.”

When Umati went shopping for funding earlier this year, banks and non-bank providers of capital were shy to lend the start-up the capital it needed. ApexPeak stepped in and signed a six-month agreement, providing US$300,000 to begin with, and scope to finance Umati in excess of US$10 million per month.

African Trade Insurance Agency closed the circle, underwriting the capital.

“ApexPeak was willing to provide us with a larger investment compared to other financiers. Its credibility as an anchor debt investor has made all the difference. Since ApexPeak came on board, many doors have opened to additional finance should we need it.”

Gakim Solomons, CEO of ApexPeak, saw the deal with Umati as straightforward. “We understand the challenges of setting up a supply chain finance platform. We were interested in the credit worthiness of the buyers, and the banks were interested in the credit worthiness of Umati. As Umati has no trading history, there was a problem.”

ApexPeak is pioneering new technology for the digital banking age. The relationship with Umati Capital is key.

“Most companies, when they talk about supply chain finance, struggle to get SMEs to adopt simple measures like paperless invoicing,” says Gakim.

“Umati has gone one step further and shown the industry that supply chain finance can work from a cell phone. We are hoping Umati will make its technology available to other markets”.

About ApexPeak

ApexPeak eases cash-flow problems faced by SMEs and MNCs by buying e-invoices before they fall due. Founded in 2013, the firm provides funding lines in excess of USD1.3 billion, to businesses located in APMEA (Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa). ApexPeak is headquartered in Singapore, with a second office located in Cape Town, South Africa.

About Umati Capital

Umati Capital Limited is a non-bank financial intermediary headquartered in Kenya serving markets in in East & Southern Africa. We are focused on the provision of supply chain finance across various agribusiness value chains. We leverage technology to provide financing to SMEs who supply to larger entities.

Media contact

Anthony Coundouris, Marketing, ApexPeak


ApexPeak Pte Ltd 201311998C The Metropolis Tower 2 #08-09, 11 North Buana Vista Drive, Singapore 138589

apexPeak.com . Singapore . South Africa

Africa’s hottest fintech start-up, Umati Capital, sealed a deal with ApexPeak in July 2014, securing a first line of wholesale capital. The finance line will commence at US$300,000 per month, and is expected to grow to US$5-7 million per month before the end of the year.

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Dropmysite partners with premium Brazilian internet service provider Cipnet

Press releases   •   Aug 13, 2014 16:32 +08

Telr Announces CFO and Co-Founder set to take payment gateway industry by storm

Press releases   •   May 23, 2014 10:18 +08

Also, Telr reveals Key Partnership giving SME’s Bold New Opportunities in the Region

LOLIPOP!, Web hosting service by GMO Pepabo is enhanced by DMS backup technology

Press releases   •   Apr 21, 2014 13:41 +08

GMO Pepabo, Inc.(GMO Pepabo), one of Japan’s biggest web hosting firms, will now provide its  “LOLIPOP! Web/DB backup service”, powered by Dropmysite's award-winning backup technology, to its 392,000 customers.

Dropmysite is a Singaporean firm that provides a comprehensive cloud-based backup solution that keeps websites and databases safe. GMO Pepabo, a JASDAQ-listed firm, signed a deal with Dropmysite in November '13 to create products to safeguard its LOLIPOP! rental servers.


“From today onwards, we are proud to provide our LOLIPOP! users a new system for backing up their data which employs Dropmysite's technology” says Sato Kentaro, President of GMO Pepabo.


With increasing online threats to personal information such as hacking, viruses and system failure, there is a huge need for cyber security. This need results in a high cost in acquiring additional servers, as well as a need for skilled technicians and careful management of data - which can be challenging for small or medium sized enterprises.


At GMO Pepabo, the website backup product was built to be safe, easy to use and economical. LOLIPOP! users will be able to backup up to seven generations of data with a single click. Backups can also be automatically scheduled and are always secured by industry standard AES256 encryption. At a monthly fee of only \300JPY (or $3.90 SGD, without VAT), excluding tax, it is definitely affordable for everyone.


Having the opportunity to integrate technologies with a highly regarded corporation like GMO Pepabo, was an eye-opening experience for Dropmysite.


"It has been great working with GMO Pepabo to see their incredible focus on the end user," says Charif El-Ansari, CEO of Dropmysite. "Our technical and support teams took their feedback and streamlined the product to appeal to the customers."  


With this launch, Dropmysite is making its presence felt in Japan. Besides GMO Pepabo, Dropmysite is also in talks with other companies to create unique partnerships to further expand into the Japanese market. The targets will range widely from Internet Service Providers to mobile phone companies. These opportunities will open doors for Dropmysite to further expand its email backup and mobile backup products in Japan.


Beyond this deal in Japan, there are also many other similar discussions in progress around the world. With a presence in every major region in the world, Dropmysite will eventually be seen and used globally. This launch is yet another major step forward in Dropmysite’s grand goal of providing backup solutions for the all of the Internet.


For further enquiries, please contact:
Peter Yu


Gilcrux Holdings


 +65 9451 9142


About GMO Pepabo, Inc.
Under the slogan of "Spreading the joy of sharing information", GMO Pepabo,Inc. was established in 2003 as a web hosting service company. Since its foundation the company has focused on consumer-targeted Internet services, and today it is comprised three business segments: Hosting which operates consumer domain registration and web hosting services, Ecommerce Support which provides ecommerce platform solutions, and Community,which facilitates communication among Internet users through blogging and media portal services. paperboy&co., Inc. (JASDAQ: 3633) is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. For more information, please visit: http://pepabo.com/



Dropmysite Pte Ltd was created in September 2011 with the aim to backup the Internet. The inspiration for the backup business arose from the aftermath of a website crash. Since then, Dropmysite has been featured on Angels’ Gate, Wall Street Journal, VentureBeat, Business Times and CNBC. The company was selected amongst the Top 20 startups by Singapore Business Review. Dropmysite has offices in 4 countries (Dallas, Texas, US / Mumbai, India / Tokyo, Japan / Singapore) and the website is translated into 9 languages (English / Traditional Chinese / Simplified Chinese / Hindi / Spanish / Korean / Japanese / Bahasa Indonesia / Thai). For more information, please visit: http://www.dropmysite.com

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Ex-Paypal MD Aims to Revolutionize Online and Mobile Payments in the emerging markets

Press releases   •   Mar 05, 2014 16:30 +08

Ex-Managing Director of PayPal Middle East and North Africa, Elias Ghanem, has started Telr, a multi-currency and multi-lingual payment gateway for SMEs to transform the $100 billion online and mobile payments market1 in the Middle East, Africa and South East Asia.

Ex-Vodafone innovation head joins outdoor media platform, EatAds.com.

Press releases   •   Feb 19, 2014 16:55 +08

ApexPeak launches investment fund to keep up with $100m USD monthly demand for invoice discounting

Press releases   •   Feb 04, 2014 15:22 +08

ApexPeak, an invoice discounting business, launches its Global Receivables Fund with a target size of $200m USD. This term financing investment fund will co-finance the invoices to meet soaring demand ($100m USD requested monthly) for ApexPeak’s service.

Major Japanese web hosting provider, Paperboy, signs partnership deal with Dropmysite

Press releases   •   Nov 18, 2013 17:51 +08

paperboy&co., Inc., one of Japan’s biggest web hosting providers has just inked a partnership with Dropmysite Pte Ltd that will expand the presence of its cloud backup products in Japan.

Home improvement made smarter with contractor review site, Kluje.com

Press releases   •   Nov 14, 2013 11:11 +08

While it is relatively easy to find a residence online, it is usually a remarkably frustrating affair when it comes to home renovations. Kluje.com looks to provide an online platform to match all home improvement projects with the right contractor.

Dropmyemail new feature: Mass/Selective Migrate and Restore emails with One Click

Press releases   •   Nov 07, 2013 12:20 +08

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As the publicist, managed public relations, media liaisons and proofreading of all materials at this upstart startup. Dropmysite is... Show more

About Gilcrux Holdings

Building great teams and businesses

Building great teams and businesses

Welcome to Gilcrux Holdings (GILCRUX) – one of the world’s most innovative investment holding companies. Founded by South African serial entrepreneur, John Fearon, GILCRUX holds John Fearon’s equity in a growing number of exciting startups and established businesses. Spread across many industries, the only similarities between these entities are that they are game changing and go after grand ideas. GILCRUX supports passionate entrepreneurs in their quest to improve the world - aiming to find interesting ways to disrupt established fields and do it bigger, faster and better.

Strategy and Vision

GILCRUX is gaining international recognition for its stakes in strategic regional interests in Europe, Middle East, Asia and Africa. The company utilizes detailed selection criteria to identify optimum opportunities to invest. Following that, it adds additional value with its core team’s expertise in strategy, operations, marketing, technology, publicity and more. Together, GILCRUX and the businesses’ founders work towards realizing its potential in the long term.

Our Vision
GILCRUX have developed a strong, cohesive vision to lead our current and future investment strategy.

GILCRUX HOLDINGS’s investment strategy is implemented across different markets and sectors on the basis of scientific methods and careful analysis of the local, regional and global market dynamics. We have an in-depth understanding of the most promising investment opportunities in a variety of sectors, including consumer, education, financial, insurance and technology.

In addition, GILCRUX believes in the principle of constant business development, diversification and geographic expansion. As such, GILCRUX HOLDINGS’s business activities have expanded from the local market to cover extensive regional and global markets. The success of GILCRUX HOLDINGS’s strategy is well proven by our numerous projects in EMEA and Asia.

GILCRUX investment strategy is founded on core investment principles:
• Long-term investment approach – we strive for long-term investments and seek businesses with strong management teams that are capable of delivering sustained growth and continuously strong returns. We continue to support management teams while seeking to be active investors. These active investment positions are large enough to give GILCRUX a voice in the strategic management of our portfolio companies.

• Extract value from underperforming assets – GILCRUX is experienced in acquiring and extracting additional value from underperforming and undervalued assets. We seek opportunities with the potential to unlock value based on the experience and management expertise the GILCRUX management team.

• Focus on core growth and value-added industry sectors – our reputation has been achieved through a focus on growth sectors where value can be added. Predominantly these sectors are banking and financial services, technology, investment funds, consumer and education sectors.

• Network of contacts – GILCRUX’s core team, board of directors and advisors have developed extensive contacts among government and business leaders globally. These contacts allow GILCRUX to gain access to positive investment opportunities and create synergies among separate assets.

As a major company with global interests, GILCRUX is committed to operating to the very highest ethical and moral standards. This common goal is extended to our company’s ever-growing portfolio of investments.