Jotun coatings systems pass IMO PSPC for COT tests

Press Releases   •   Feb 08, 2012 11:08 +08

Jotun successfully completes testing of coating systems consistent with the new IMO PSPC rules for cargo oil tanks (COT), scheduled to come into force next year.

Sandefjord, Norway : The new IMO PSPC rules for cargo oil tanks (COT) will go into effect January 2013. Focused on maintaining the long-term integrity of tanks, the new standard requires that all coatings used in the tanks must provide long-term protection against the corrosive effects of crude oil.

 Jotun has successfully completed testing for coating systems at one of the IMO-approved test institutes (COT in theNetherlands), passing with several tank coating systems. Two test methods are utilised. The first test simulates the composition of the vapour phase in crude oil tanks both in ballast and in fully loaded condition. The second test simulates immersion in a crude oil tank with a model liquid developed to replicate some of the most corrosive crude oils.

 According to Jorunn Holdhus Skovly, Jotun’s Product Manager for tankcoatings, Jotun coating systems performed well in these rigorous test. “Jotun welcomes the IMO regulations as they ensure a given standard for the whole coating process, from steel preparation to control measures,” she says. “Type approval for coating systems ensures that our customers can trust they are selecting appropriate and high-performance coating systems, fit for purpose.”

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Jotun (Singapore) Pte Ltd
Jotun is one of the world's leading paint manufacturers with its head office in Sandefjord, Norway. We develop, produce & market various paint systems and complete range of conventional and sophisticated coatings, including environmental-friendly products to protect and decorate surfaces in the Marine, Protective, Decorative & Powder Coating markets.

Jotun successfully completes testing of coating systems consistent with the new IMO PSPC rules for cargo oil tanks (COT), scheduled to come into force next year.

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Jotun Core Values

News   •   Jan 12, 2012 09:43 +08

Loyality, Care, Respect, and Boldness

Technical Data: Jotun Woodshield Varnish

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About Jotun Singapore

The Jotun Group is one of the world's leading manufacturers of paints, coatings and powder coatings.

Jotun was established in Singapore 30 years ago as a sales office, servicing customers from the marine industry. Later, 1976, a paint factory was built due to increasing demand for Jotun's product. With the latest expansion of facilities, Jotun has a modern office, an environmental friendly factory with an annual output of 13.5 million litres.

The new Singapore facility is computerized with the latest communication software linked to an efficient global network. Jotun Singapore is thus all set to provide a platform for the maximization of benefits through a worldwide organization towards greater improvements in customer servicing, quality of products, increased human resource productivity and information resource management.

Committed to quality, Jotun (Singapore) Pte Ltd in 1993 received the first SISIR ISO 9002 certificate awarded to a paint manufacturer that includes recognition for excellence in technical service and cathodic protection. Our service team of 50 competent and experienced advisors provides advice on the use of paint systems based on detailed knowledge of products suited to the object to be painted, which pretreatment should be used and which application equipment is relevant.

Jotun (Singapore) Pte Ltd has been the catalyst in developing Jotun's presence in the region. Paint production units were later set up in Malaysia, Indonesia, China and Vietnam as demand for Jotun paints increases. Currently, Jotun (Singapore) Pte Ltd continues to be responsible for business acitivities in India, Taiwan and Philippines.


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