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Blog post   •   Feb 26, 2016 18:20 +08

In view that Easter is approaching soon this year on the 27th March 2016; we are cracking up Easter celebrations with a list of Easter Trivia you may not know!

1) Easter Holiday is older than Christmas! It is actually the oldest Christian Holiday.

2) Ever wondered what was the significance behind Easter Eggs and bunnies? In ancient times, Rabbits and Eggs were perceived as a sign of fertility and new life. This symbolism stemmed from the Romans, Greeks, Persians and Ancient Egyptians.

3) Easter falls in spring and springtime is associated with new life and rebirth. As it is 3 days after Good Friday, and Christians celebrate the resurrection of Christ on this day.

4) The Easter Bunny lays eggs. In reality, rabbits and hares are mammals that do not lay eggs. Ha!

5) A long time ago, pretzels were also linked with Easter as the twists on pretzels looked like arms intertwining in prayer.

6) Fancy edible Easter Bunnies? Made with pastry and sugar, they were available as early as 1800s in Germany.

7) The biggest Easter Egg ever was 25ft tall and made of Chocolate and Marshmallow.

8) An estimate of $14.7 billion is spent every Easter across the world!

9) Candy makers should be joyous every Easter as it is the second top-selling confectionary holiday after Halloween.

10) Hot cross buns were one of the earliest Easter treats and were distributed to the poor and needy by European monks.

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