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10 Steps to build your brand newsroom, before getting to top of Google search.

Blog post   •   Apr 09, 2014 09:00 +08

Long gone are the days, where consumers or journalists fumble through phone calls, media kits and press conferences for bits and pieces of information about your company. Now, people expect to get all the information they need about you within one search on Google.

 Can the media find relevant information to supplement their story? They should be able to, preferably from your corporate website or what is referred to here, as the "brand newsroom".

Enter the age of the brand newsroom. Bringing together all of an organization’s news, content, social channels and multimedia assets in one space - with everything tagged, related and optimized for search engines - the newsroom is now the central hub of a brand’s communications strategy. 

The brand newsroom may be a stretch away from the traditional press release but it is exactly what Journalist Tom Foremski meant in "Die! Press Release! Die! Die Die!", when he argued for a new kind of deconstructed news release - a platform that provided all of the facts and assets in a spin-free format so that a journalist could easily take those pieces and assemble their story.

“The key is to live and breathe quality content. Make it the heart of your online presence and a reliable mouthpiece for your brand," said Ramya Chandrasekaran, Chief Communications Officer of QNET, a company in Asia which is highly engaged with its influencers community.

 There is no denying that. With the changes in Google’s algorithms, brands must do more than just make their content SEO-optimized. Brands now have to produce quality content in order to ensure high rankings on search engines. 

Before getting on the top of search results, one must first know how to build a brand newsroom. Here are 10 key moves that will help build your brand’s newsroom to it fullest potential.

1. Define your audience

2. Establish an editorial proposition (aka “News you can use”)

3. Don’t fall for the myth of virality

4. Find your tone of voice

5. Build a team

6. Use the diary

7. …but be ready to react to news

8. Define a workable sign-off process

9. Establish no-go areas

10. Remember it’s editorial 

You can find more detail on each of these in “The rise of the brand newsroom”, the latest whitepaper from Mynewsdesk. Download it here.

Would you like to set up a newsroom for your brand? It's as quick as 15 minutes. Click here or simply email


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