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APPIES 2013: Celebrating the best marketing ideas in Asia

Blog post   •   Aug 21, 2013 16:49 +08

An annual festival to celebrate the best marketing ideas in Asia, this 2-day long event recognizes 100 of the most brilliant and inspiring brand campaign ideas and invites these brands to present their campaign. However, only 10 out of this 100 will then go on to win the APPIES Gold Medals. The fast-paced, no fluff ‘4-6-10’ format of the APPIES is what makes it so distinctively exciting.

Each campaign begins with a 4-minute video summarizing the campaign, followed by a live 6-minute exposition of campaign’s key highlights by the brand’s marketers or campaign creators. After this, comes the stimulating 10-minute Q&A session where the presenters have to field tough questions about their campaigns from the judges and audience members.

BBDO network emerged as the biggest winner, winning four out of ten Gold awards namely:

1.  ‘Apology press conference grand prix’ for Snickers by I&S BBDO Japan

2.  ‘It’s more fun in The Philippines’ for Philippines Department of Tourism by BBDO Guerrero

3.  ‘Flavours of life’ for Wrigley’s Extra in BBDO Guangzhou

4.  ‘Moving Singtel image from being a traditional telco to an innovative multimedia company’ for SingTel by BBDO Proximity Singapore

The other 6 Gold awards went to:

5.  ‘Recommended by those who care about you’ for Parachute Advansed Ayurvedic Hair Oil by BBH Asia Pacific India

6.  ‘From big ticket expenses to daily essential’ for NTUC Income by BBH Asia Pacific Singapore

7.  ‘Kiwi Sceptics’ for Air New Zealand by Host Sydney

8.  ‘Magnum “Fin” nomenon’ for Magnum by Unilever Thailand

9.  ‘Be positive’ for Actions for AIDS, Health Promotion Board by Iris Worldwide Singapore

10.  ‘Smoking kid’ for Health Promotion foundation by Ogilvy & Mather Advertising, Thailand

After attending several campaign presentations and speaking to fellow guests, we realized that no matter what one's campaign is about or how the approach is executed, there is always one recurring element – that social media and marketing work hand in hand to give one's campaign optimum results.

Before digital media and social media really took off, the term “viral” didn’t mean anything. Today, it does; we use it to describe something that’s been shared countless times, with views raking in million and even billions. It is also something almost everyone seems to be talking about, just think Psy's "Gangnam Style" video. 

Most brands would want their campaign to go viral, whether in the form of a video or photo, etc., because then, they’d have more than successfully fulfilled the primary purpose of having a marketing campaign – to increase the brand awareness. 

We also realised that the best (which are usually, also memorable) campaigns all have one thing in common - they understand the importance and effectiveness of tugging at human emotions through storytelling. They message/theme of the campaign is something the public can all relate to, which is what makes the campaign impactful and memorable. 

We really liked the campaigns from Snickers' and Wrigley's, how about you? What do you think of the winning campaigns? Share with us!

//Shanice, Social Media Marketing

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