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Are you frustrating journalists and bloggers with your media release?

Blog post   •   Aug 13, 2013 09:30 +08

Last week, we shared with you tips on how you can make journalists and bloggers (reporters) happy with your media release. Today, let's go to the opposite end of the spectrum and find out what frustrates them. Are you unknowing (or maybe, knowingly) frustrating them?

Here's an extract of a quote taken from Section 2: How to Frustrate Reporters of the report:

"Always answer your phone. Have most of the information in the release. Do not sound clueless when we call, and always get back to is when we make queries (not just disappear if you don't know). Have on hand industry experts we can talk to, or even better, normal people who will benefit from whatever the release is promoting."  

-- Joy Fang, Former Senior Reporter at My Paper

Does the above sound familiar to you? We hope it isn't something you, or your press person, is guilty of. 

Always keep in mind that brands should put themselves in the shoes of the reporters; it will help you greatly to think and act like the reporters when crafting the press release. Ask yourself questions like these:

  •  What will you need from a press release to craft a full story? 
  • Is the information enough? 
  • Is the content interesting?

For more points on what you should not do, and to get tips and tricks on how to get your press release featured, get the full 2013 Brands and Media Engagement Survey Report + Infographic.

//Shanice, Social Media Marketing

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