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Convince management on Content Marketing with 3 reasons

Blog post   •   May 29, 2013 15:52 +08

One of Singapore's Top 40 influential Twitterers and accomplished marketer, Jacky Tan, shared valuable trade secrets at Mynewsdesk’s breakfast series on 9 May 2013. 

Focused on content marketing, he shared tips that were practical and beyond what you can in textbooks. As a senior Marketing and PR Manager for flooring company, Evorich, his personal digital media journey sparked off from articles that he wrote and published online. From topics on digital marketing to expertise on flooring and décor, content became a springboard for success for his personal branding and for Evorich.

With more than 200 articles written and published on Mynewsdesk, he emphasized content marketing as the key to:

  1. Build a premium brand image
  2. Create Influence
  3. Generate quality leads

1. Build a premium brand image 

Flooring, a niche, non-glamorous business, traditionally male-dominated and straightforward. How do you glam it up?

For Jacky, using Mynewsdesk allowed Evorich to build its image as a premium brand. Using relatable story angles and a lifestyle focus, Evorich published articles that shifted the nature of the business from boring to interesting. With Mynewsdesk’s global presence, Evorich was able place their news and articles amidst the alliance of more than 5000 brands across the world.

2. Create Influence

Do you decide on flooring-type based on budget or style? Wrong. Your decision should be based on the type of pet you have.

“90% of consumers find custom content useful and 78% believe that organizations providing custom content are interested in building good relationships with them” - TMG Custom Media

Content Marketing is about the “ability to lead or change market”. If you look at Evorich’s newsroom, a major portion is dedicated to tips, FAQs and “how-to”.

As a result, Evorich is deemed as the expert and leading voice for flooring matters. When Evorich decided that flooring decisions involved pets, the market responded to it.

Last November, after an article on “pet-friendly flooring” was published, traditional media picked up the unique story, and as a result, more 30 editorials followed, on magazines and newspapers. The interest generated also sparked forth a series of roadshows for pet-friendly homes.

In fact, according to Jacky, it could be any relevant topic, not just pets. It is about publishing content for the specific editor and publication that Evorich wants to reach. For example, offering home decors tips for home decor magazines, health tips for health magazine or green tips for architecture magazines could create the same results.

3. Generate quality leads

With quality content comes quality leads. 

Tapping on Mynewsdesk’s SEO strength and one-stop advantage for multimedia content archiving, Evorich’s regular updates of quality content generated an average traffic of more than 15,000 to its corporate website. This, is then translated into sales leads consisting of those actively seeking out flooring solutions. Jacky’s experience with Evorich is a fine example of how a niche and traditional business can be refreshing, and create market trends and achieve sales objectives. As decisions becomes increasingly hinged on online searches and what is available online, more businesses will and should recognize the importance of content marketing.

“It’s not about how good we are at using technology, but it is about managing customer (satisfaction) with quality content,” Jacky Tan. 


During the breakfast seminar, Jacky also shared 11 tips to producing good quality content. Read it here. Jacky is also a contributor to The Singapore Business Review, and author of  “Social Smart – Manage Smart Consumers on Social Media".

Mynewsdesk Breakfast Series is a regular breakfast seminar featuring digital influencers and communicators. It is a session for sharing best practices and trade knowledge amongst marketers, public relations professionals and business owners.

//Ashlyn Julia, Marketing @MynewsdeskAsia

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    Great article. Inspiring to see that someone behind a brand is thinking with these perspectives in mind.

    - Peter Ingman - Jun 04, 2013 17:47 +08

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