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Digital Marketing: Create a canvas and let your consumers paint the success

Blog post   •   Mar 28, 2013 08:30 +08

The rapid technological enhancement, popularity, growing penetration and ownership of numerous internet-enabled devices and extensive increased hours spent online both in Asia Pacific and the rest of the world result into salient, and have made digital marketing and advertising an inevitable and essential part in most corporations' strategic marketing plans.

#DIGMA13 (Digital Marketing & Advertising Showcase 2013) addressed this rising trend covering topics like data, ROI, mobile, online advertising, strategies, innovation. While it is important to go into the hows and the what, one running theme has also emerged amidst 2-day conference.

“Digital is important because your customers live it”,
said Petra Schreiber, Director, Marketing and Communications, Volkswagen Group Malaysia.

New channels may arise, strategies will evolve, however, at the end of the day, Digital Marketing is still about people, the person.

Who is this person? How does the profile of your customer look like?

Amisha Sethi, Director, Brand Marketing for Research In Motion, BlackBerry Asia Pacific, advised that businesses characterize their typical customer in order to humanize their brand.

Humanizing your brand is about driving relevancy, and not awarenesss. It is about connecting with the consumer.

Volkswagon did so, telling their story through Beetle club members, creating a strong emotional connection between the brand and its audience. What better way to tell your brand story, than through the fans you already have? We feel the love, watch their passion here:

The campaign was created to launch the return of the Beetle, fully integrating earned and owned channels as well as offline events. In order to ensure that the message was engaging, they released a teaser video with no branding to test the response. The rest of the campaign videos were released after that.

Characterizing your typical customer is also the first step towards creating influence via inner circle marketing. This is about tapping into the networks of individuals, and getting them to be your advocates.

For Dell, Regional Marketing Director Prashant Agarwal, said it was about “investing in influencing at a peer level, enhancing youth marketing as early as possible.”

A typical customer for Dell’s Alienware would be a relatively young male who is an avid gamer. His friends are likely to carry the same demographics and lifestyle choices. To convert the customer to an advocate, which is to get them talking, they invested in an experiential campaign. From store décor concept to integrated online & offline events, it was designed to create a strong connection with the customer. Once converted, he is likely to spread the brand message to those in his inner circle, who would be potential customers for Alienware. 

There is also another growing community of individuals whose networks that brands can now tap into.  David Wong, Country Manager for NuffNang, introduced the audience to world of online influencers: Bloggers, Vloggers or anyone with a large online following on social media.

More than 50% of millenials trust the words of strangers online than those of friends and family.

60% of consumers turn to social media for purchase decisions.

These are some of the reasons propelling more and more brands to spread their influence through online influencers who have built a fanbase for themselves. According to David, the traffic to the blogs and pages of these influencers is surprisingly high! One of them, Beautiful Nara, has about 4.3 million hits in a month.

In the online sphere, there is a 1-9-90 rule-of-thumb.

1 refers to content creator

9 refers to the 9 others with interact with the content

90 refers to the others who do not do anything, they simply “stalk” on the content creator.

Reach out to one, and you are essentially getting your message amplified.

In summary, digital marketing can be broken down into 6 steps…

1.  Identify your customer profile, the Influencer

2.  Connect Emotionally

3.  Test!

4.  Integrate online and offline efforts

5.  Spread your influence through customer/influencer networks

6.  Measure

…Or as @AmishaSethi simply put it, “Create a canvas and let your consumers paint the success”.

Mynewsdesk is a media partner for #DIGMA13, held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Malaysia's digital spending is projected to grow at a compounded annual rate of 31% between 2008 and 2013. In Malaysia, there are currently 20 million Internet users, with 89% smartphone penetration. Social media reaches 91% of the users.

//Ashlyn Julia, Marketing @Mynewsdesk_SG

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