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Guide to PR & Social Media for SMEs: Are you getting your money's worth in PR expenditure

Blog post   •   Jul 11, 2013 09:30 +08

Mynewsdesk commissioned a survey amongst 159 SMEs* and found that whilst 94% of SMEs see the benefits of PR and 49% expect to increase PR expenditure in 2013, the vast majority are lacking the knowledge, strategy and tools to make the most of their investment.

This research suggests that although SMEs are embracing social media networks, they lack the expertise and tools to engage with key journalists and opinion leaders. They do not issue any news releases or maintain any form of media contact list.
• 66% are on Twitter, 63% Facebook, 60% LinkedIn
• 70% did not maintain any form of contact list
• 88% confessed that they failed to engage with the media
• 75% are not certain who to engage with

SMEs are however clear about the benefits of PR:

• 76% saw an increase of brand awareness and reinforcing of brand messages
• 87% of businesses admitted that they lacked a PR strategy of any sort, 57% operating on ad hoc and 30% without any plan at all 

Over three quarters of SMEs also lack any sort of media area that journalists can access. As a result the overwhelming majority (79%) fail to include any image or video content with their news releases, an oversight that Mynewsdesk CEO Peter Ingman warns is in danger of appearing dated and out-of-touch.

Said Peter Ingman: “The survey clearly shows that, while SMEs are keen to try and manage their own PR and engage with their audience online, the vast majority are failing to do so in an effective manner and are not getting the basics right. Whilst widespread Internet access and the rise of social networks have made it easier to communicate directly and share content, the results of the survey suggest businesses must first consider whether they are equipped to construct an effective PR strategy themselves.”

Brands and businesses can now do more with digital media, making PR work for them more effectively and cost-efficiently. 

- How has the digital age has changed the face of PR? How can my brand work effectively with journalists and influencers? 
- Are bloggers and social media really important?

To address these issues, Mynewsdesk produced a 16-page guide to PR & Social Media for SMEs: Tell Your Story Sell Your Story. Download it here

*SMEs from the United Kingdom

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