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Influencer Relations: 5 Steps to Getting Started

Blog post   •   Feb 25, 2015 11:24 +08

In our last post, we looked at the types of influencers a brand can work with

Now that we've identified who to work with, let's get started. Here are 5 tips:

1. Measure their contribution 

What your objectives and goals? Would you like to work with influencers to collaborate on producing content? Or maybe you’d like them to spread a message. Some of the things you might measure could be:

  • increase in newsletter sign-ups
  • increase in web traffic
  • increase in social media following
  • sales generated tracked by coupon codes

The possibilities are open. Take time to look at the correlation between the influencer activity and objective. 

2. Walk before you run: Success is most likely to come with FOCUS. 

Try to keep your efforts around a specific topic or objective. For example, the core of our influencer relations work last year was with people who champion the brand newsroom approach and our objective was increase our brand awareness in this space. This focus allowed us to assemble a lean, focused crew of influencers in our main markets and actually find time to nurture them. 

3. Collaborate to create credibility 

Vanity stats have been the safety net of marketing for too long. This definitely doesn’t play in influencer relations, it’s all about relationships which will run deeper than this. Brand fit is a success factor. Working with someone who would normally be speaking to your desired audience will naturally have more integrity and authenticity. 

Just check out some of the brands who’ve had success working with Mumsnet - the parenting site whose slogan is ‘By parents for parents’ - has had. Coca Cola (yes, that brand again) wanted to find a way to build brand love and corporate reputation in a way that would provide value to mums.

Making the most of mum bloggers (Mumsnet Mumstock Conference 2014) - Coca-Cola / Zone / Tara Cain from Zone 

4. Invite your influencers to invent: Influencers can bring creativity as well as credibility to your efforts.

It’s necessary to have an open mind when approaching an individual as encouraging them to inject some of their ideas and energy into the overall concept can provide freshness and drive momentum. Plus, ownership is a motivating factor when propelling an idea or movement. Just ask Brewdog, whose ‘Equity for Punks’ equity crowdfunding campaign saw them turn to their social media fan base for a cash injection, rather than venture capitalists, transforming their advocates into their success story. And of course, which craft beer fan wouldn’t want to own their own piece of independent brewery?

5. Transparency triggers trust 

If you’re a company working with vloggers who review your lipsticks, make it clear. And allow them to give their honest opinion. Your influencers relations can take your brand to the next level, increasing your credibility, awareness, loyalty and sales. 

Got some tips for successful influencer relations to share? Come across an influencer marketing epic fail story? Feel free to share that too, in the comments below.


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