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Insights from technopreneur rockstars at TechVenture 2012

Blog post   •   Oct 19, 2012 18:33 +08

Mynewsdesk team was privileged to join the gathering of innovators, startups and venture capitalists at TechVenture 2012, which brought together technopreneurs and investors, where ideas meet the cash. 

Held 17 - 18 October 2012, the powerpacked lineup of attendees and speakers almost made the description "brimming with innovators and investors" seem weak. It must then, be safe to say that the lineup of speakers was explosive. At one of the sessions, Jesse Draper, host of the Valley Girl Show described, a "Rockstar Panel" of speakers.

These rockstars definitely gave valuable advice from their personal experiences, from both failures and successes.

Here are some of gold nuggets of insights from some of the speakers:

"Dare to dream, date to defy obstacles"
Dubbed "Water Queen", Olivia Lum, Founder & Chairman, Hyflux Group's candid sharing revealed how it all started with a dream to use apply her chemist knowledge to produce clean water. She concluded with advice to focus on talent management, and believe in the people you hire.  

"Toughest thing about innvovation is to understand what the human mind is good at, and what machines are good at"
Listed on Forbes 30 under 30 (technology), Joe Lonsdale, Co-founder of Planatir

"Put a huge ear to our network"
On brainstorming based on crowdsourcing, Adriana Gascoigne, Founder, Girls In Tech

"Turn people in front of the computer into couch potatoes"
Gary Wang, Founder, Tudou, on the portal's vision. He also suggested a more "disorganized" environment, one that is primed for Tech creatives and entrepreneurs.

"Ideas are a dime a dozen. We are not going to invest in you or your idea. We invest in your ability to execute it." - George Kellerman, Venture Partner & Fire Chief, 500 Startups

#1 We are from a tiny island....BUT think BIG
#2 Getting an A grade is important...BUT its ok to get an F
#3 Parents/teachers/govt can help..BUT you're on your own
#4 Being a doctor/lawyer/etc is great...BUT live your passion anyway
#5 Demand only the best...BUT don't apologize for it
#6 Burgers are delicious, BUT you can never replace char kway teow
Tan Min-Liang, CEO & Chief Gamer, Razer (inventor of world's first gaming mouse)

"Be very careful with ideas. It's all about execution. Big ideas require Big execution."
"Entrepreneurship is like eating glass & facing death everyday."
Morten Lund, co-investor of Skype.

"Big data requires Big Insight which translates to Big Impact"
There are 3 major challenges for startups today: Infrastructure, Funding and Mindsets.  Out of which, in Mindsets, to succeed, it is inevitable to overcome challenges in Planning, Hiearchy and Humility.
Scott D. Anthony, Managing Director, Innosight Asia-Pacific

900 million handset users in China, out of which 400 million users are online.
Foo Jixun, Managing Partner, GGVC, on the growing potential of the China market

Think big. Population size should not be an excuse.
Deepak Natarajan, Investment Director at Intel Capital.

These were, but a few, of the many learnings we received from the speakers.

Besides being inspired by the epic lineup, this platform for exchange also offered young startups the opportunities to pitch to, and rub shoulders with the best. TechVenture 2012 is wealth of information, ideas and most importantly, network of resources - It meets the need of the current landscape in Singapore, one that thrives especially in this digital age. 

Looking forward to TechVenture 2013. // Julia, Aqila, Eve.

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