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Is your story a good story? What makes one?

Blog post   •   Aug 23, 2013 11:51 +08

We hoped you enjoyed the previous 2 teaser posts on the 2013 Brands and Media (Asia) Engagement Survey Report + Infographic, we’re now on to our last section – What makes a good story?

It is important to know what makes a good story because if your story isn’t good or interest-worthy then, what difference would it make whether your press release frustrates them or not?

So, what would make a good story? Here’s a sneak peak into the last section of our report:

Tip #3: Focus on the audience

Tailor your content to suit the target audience so it is something readers can relate to. Understand the audience profile of the publication that you are pitching your story to. Are they predominantly females? Is the publication catered to professionals in a certain industry? What would be the top interests of these readers?

For more tips and tricks, get the complete 2013 Brands and Media (Asia) Engagement Survey Report and Infographic here.

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