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Musings of Mynewsdesk Singapore's First Intern Part III

Blog post   •   Jun 22, 2012 18:12 +08

So.. here I am writing my final post as an intern! Yes, my stay at Mynewsdesk Singapore has come to an end and it’s my last day today. Despite it being my last week, I still had a chance at something exciting – followed Aqila for a business meeting!

This meet up was with the Director of Public Relations at Ate Integrated Communications Pte Ltd - an integrated communications and marketing agency. The aim of it was to introduce her (the Director) to the  Mynewsdesk platform and concept. I learnt that selling our digital platform to PR agencies in general can work in two ways – They could either use it for themselves if they’ve got sufficient content such to publish or they could recommend us to their clients.

A business meeting involving someone with a good understanding about the importance of having their news published online is much easier than with one who hasn't seen the need to curate digital content about their company. Reason being, the former sort of meet ups call for explanation of the platform itself rather than convincing them into buying this idea about having a digital presence, which is what the latter type of meetings entails. I guess it takes some time and effort to get all those who haven’t already jumped onto the bandwagon to start doing it!  

It was quite a mellowed down last week..was doing the usual stuff and though they’re the same as what I have been doing since I came here, I enjoy them still. At this point, I would really like to say that I’ve learnt many things (very relevant to what I study and useful to me, in fact) in the seven weeks I’ve spent here! Great exposure and experience thus far.

Like I said earlier, I wasn’t even keen about having a Twitter account of my own and the chance to help manage Mynewsdesk Sinagpore’s Twitter account has taught me a whole lot-  Twitter lingo, importance of posting links that are relevant to the business and our Twitter audience, ability to connect with customers and give them useful information, Twitter being an alternative avenue for businesses to communicate with their customers and last but not least, having a human voice to the Twitter account instead of seeming mechanical.

I also learnt the importance of using Excel spreadsheet to collate details collected after doing searches of companies and organizations on the net. Excel is useful in organising contact information of different companies from different countries in a single page which turns out to be very helpful when trying to contact the companies via email or phone call. Proficiency in Excel is key these days and there’s no running away from that!

I’m glad and thankful for being given the chance to publish blog posts by reflecting on my weekly experiences. Updating all of you with the stuff I’ve been up to has been really fun because I get to explore with Photobucket, edit pictures on Instagram and feeling nervous when I finally hit the publish button! (stuff I don’t think I would have bothered with if not for this) Writing blog posts also served as a reminder for myself that no writer has it easy and a lot of effort and planning goes into any kind of writing – be it big or small.

Having the opportunity to go for and sit through meet ups with journalist or potential business clients was really cool too! I was able to reflect on whether everything I learn translates to reality or there are times when we need to use our discretion and go ahead with what needs to be done though theory states otherwise. In this PR line of work, we come into contact with many different types of people and some experiences may be good, some bad. What we make out of all these experiences goes a long way in teaching us to be better professionals.

The Mynewsdesk team I worked with is great and all of them were very warm right from the beginning! They’ve helped me with everything along the way and I’m really grateful to every one of them for that. Work wise, I had fun learning and doing the things I was assigned and I’ve got no regrets accepting an internship offer here!

All in all, it’s been a great seven weeks here and I sure have benefitted from all the valuable things I’ve learnt in my time spent here. Well, it’s a bittersweet feeling right now – sweet because I’m off for a summer programme next week but bitter because I’m pretty sure I’ll miss working here! Thank you for the memories Mynewsdesk Singapore!

Stuff I'll definitely miss and laugh about to myself whenever I recall them -

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