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Overcome increased demand for content with limited resources

Blog post   •   Dec 16, 2015 09:08 +08

84% of communicators are working across more areas than before, and half of global communicators we surveyed agreed that it was a challenge to work out where to allocate PR resources for maximum impact. With the number of channels growing, communicators are now expected to product more content. 


However, only 23% of respondents said their budget has increased to reflect the requirement for more content. In such tight-strapped situations,  how can marketers overcome this challenge of producing more content, despite lesser resources? 

We asked Gaynor Reid, AccorHotel's VP for Communications in Asia Pacific, who is responsible for almost 650 hotels across 17 countries, including brands like Sofitel, Pullman, Novotel, Ibis Styles and Mercure. With the group opening one hotel per week on average, Gaynor is getting busier than ever. (Look here in their Mynewsdesk newsroom to find out what is new at Accor these days.)

Storytelling is an integral part of Accor's communications strategy, and Gaynor believes that content is king and it is important to share meaningful content that will inspire. 

What's her advice to communicators on coping with increasing demand for content?

"I think the easiest way to do this is to use the experts within your company or your company’s clients as content producers so that you have a team of content creators at your fingertips. At AccorHotels, we recently put together an editorial committee of heads of departments so that they could all play a part in content production/storytelling and this means that not all content needs to come from the Marketing department. This also means you can develop truly useful content because the experts in each area are involved in its creation." 

She added that PR is increasingly integrated into every business unit, and that the role of communications is to identify and amplify the experts within the business across all areas and draw attention to them.

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