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PR has moved: This is where we tell our story, with no pretence - #brandnewsroom

Blog post   •   Sep 29, 2014 16:09 +08

Last week, as part of Social Media week, 100 communicators joined us online as we discussed about "The Rise of The Brand Newsroom" with Robert Almqvist, Vice President, Northern Europe, Lewis PR, and Max Tatton-Brown, Founding Director, Augur.
These were some of the points they raised on the science of story-telling and why organisations are working towards a brand newsroom room.

On the brand newsroom...


"central repository"

"something that represents the company in the local market"

"no longer limited by just having journalists to cover your stories, and brands can strengthen the message through this channel"


"a natural way of telling your story"

"The first place people can find out about something" 

"opportunity these days to tell your story is much more 'dignified'"

"Public Relations has moved - This is where we tell our story, with no pretence."

On story-telling... 


"Destroy your crutches" - standard press release format could be one of them

"Test & experiment, you will only get better at it. Embrace the natural story-telling process."


"This is the time to build the leadership via your newsroom"

"What is it that the audience want? Keeping in mind what keeps them awake at night is more important than ever"

What makes an effective online newsroom?


"you no longer have the journalist sitting there...with the brandewsroom, we address the whole ecosystem, that means we can skip the journalists"
"make sure the right people are notified of news published in the newsroom. they are the ones who push your news!"

"Think about the actual user flow. What are they going to do? Help them get to it quickly"

"Have an editor-like attitude"

Check out some of #brandnewsroom tweets from the participants during the session:

"It's the audience that are in the driving seat, and the market is responding to audience demands" - — Dan Spicer (@DanSpicer) 

Embrace the natural cadence of your company - don't get too hung up on whether a story is big or small - @MaxTB— Sofiya Mahdi (@SofiyaM218) 

"Have an editor-like attitude" @MaxTB: "the world doesn't need tons of content..we need content with high editorial std" — Mynewsdesk Asia (@MynewsdeskAsia) 

In the past, clippings = celebrations. Now, metrics are automated and what's "good" shifts all the time - @robertalmquist — Sofiya Mahdi (@SofiyaM218)

IMHO - Remember your audience has and audience... people want to share the ‘good’ stuff - make it easy for them. — GabrielleLainePeters (@GabrielleNYC) 

Fantastic #brandnewsroom seminar from @mynewsdesk. Highly recommend signing up and following. Can't wait for the next one! — Jamie-Lee Nardone (@JamiedoesPR) 

Missed the session? No worries! Watch the recorded session here. It's interactive, so you can click, scroll and choose your view.

Stay tuned for our next session!

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