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Stay Relevant: Why You Need to Understand New Communication Trends (Think Social Media)

Blog post   •   Jun 28, 2013 18:08 +08

As the wise old adage goes, “Change is constant, and constant is change.” This is especially true in the media industry. To stay relevant, one must always be updated with news and changes; it is a never-ending learning process.

Since the rudiments of human communication and dissemination of news, the media industry has gone through numerous phases. Traditional media used to take the form of newspapers and the radio. Today, news can be disseminated from a plethora of channels and platforms. The birth of the Internet seemed the likely preface for the rise of social media; technology and social media have irrevocably changed how the media industry works – how both public relations (PR) and journalism work today differ greatly from how it used to work a decade ago, for example.

Brands and businesses used to be just simply, brands and business; they are as they are – a logo, a shop front, a location or a product. Today, brands and business are “people” too, they interact with us by having conversations, sharing news, etc. over social media. Simply put, communication for brands today is not just about the disseminating of news anymore; it is also about maintaining relations – it is a two-way conversation instead of a brand to consumer only. Communication now works both ways.

With social media and journalism taking on the multimedia platform, one has to:

  • Deal with more channels
  • Learn to listen, understand and take in what is being said, whether positive or negative
  • Think and act fast because the game gets much faster; everything is real-time
  • Humanize the brand/business

 Managing social media channels may seem like a lot more work on top of your usual, traditional communications efforts, but it will go a long way if you understand and use it effectively. From product development to sales to marketing to customer service, social media can do so much for your brand. It is incontestably the number one communication channel in terms of reach and engagement between your brand and your target audience.

*Some of the points mentioned above were covered during the “Handling Press Conferences & Tactical Media Strategies – For Global Business Leaders” seminar by Lars Voedisch, Principal Consultant, MD at Precious Communications.*

//Shanice Koh, Community Manager @MynewsdeskAsia

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