Take hold of the World's largest Twitter City by understanding its unique DNA

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Take hold of the World's largest Twitter City by understanding its unique DNA

Home to the one of the world's largest social populations, Indonesia has been high on the radar for its phenomenal digital communications scene.

  - Jakarta ranks #1 Twitter city, and Bandung #6, before Paris & LA. 

  - Indonesia is the 5th biggest country on Google+, 2nd FB city and Indonesia is 4th Facebook country.

Many have called Indonesia the “mobile-first” capital. 40% of its 240 million population has a bank account. Compare this, to a staggering 85% that has a mobile phone! Indonesia also has the highest intensity of mobile browsing in the world. A whopping 661 pages/month/person, double that of US, UK and China.

Chris J Reed, said this, of Indonesia in The Wall: “What this means for brands is that if they are not engaging on social mobile they are simply not engaging in Indonesia.” (Read his original post here)

While these digital figures present hopeful opportunities, brands will need to brace themselves for challenges in the highly fragmented market. 

CEO and Country Head for Groupon Indonesia Indrasto Budisantoso shared insights at SES Jakarta 2014 last week.

To penetrate into the Indonesia market, one would have to understand the unique characteristics of Indonesia. He summed up five areas to consider:

  1. Close social knit
  2. Young user base
  3. Mobile trust
  4. Agile & entrepreneurial
  5. Strong cultural heritage

1. The Indonesians are a chatty, “twitty” bunch, making up a close social knit.

From The Accenture Digital, 2013, we found that 71% of Indonesians consider digital as a key platform to acquire information and share with their peers.

Apart from the huge number of Twitterers, the chatty nature is also evident from the 5 user million blogs, and over 4 million users on Kaskus, Indonesia’s largest community forum.

2.  Young User Base – More than half of Indonesia’s population is under 30 years old(Reuters). 60% of Internet users are between the ages of 12 – 34 years old.

3. Mobile Trust - Only 4.5% of the online population has performed credit card transactions online. More than 50% has cited lack of trust as the top reason.

4. Agile & Entrepreneurial - More than 40 million SMEs, employing 90% of workforce.

5. Strong cultural heritage – There is a need to understand consumers’ taste, need, price point, action trigger from a cultural perspective.

From Content to Transforming culture

  1. Content
  2. Marketing (See, Think, Do)
  3. Measure
  4. Transform culture 

During the marketing phase, brands, especially non-local ones, need to consider separate strategies for See, Think, Do. What are the desired effects? What would you like the Indonesian locals to See, Think, or Do?

Consider the 5 unique characteristics of the Indonesian market again, to strategize See, Think, Do.

In conclusion, Indrasto said:

“Remember that while we are talking about digital, people will have to come back to the real world. Capture them in the real world.”

//Ashlyn Julia, Marketing @MynewsdeskAsia

*Credits to Groupon Indonesia for the headline image.

This summary is based on the opening keynote about Indonesia’s landscape at SES Jakarta 2014. Present were also experts from Twitter, SAP, Komli, AXA, Merck, Kalbe Nutrition, and etc, shedding light on customer engagement, email marketing, content strategies, social media, real-time bidding, online advertising, mobile marketing, and search optimization.



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