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Using Mynewsdesk to support inbound tourism goals

Blog post   •   Feb 16, 2017 09:29 +08

How can communications support inbound tourism goals? Japanese railway company, Tobu Railway, started using Mynewsdesk as part of their strategy late last year. Kenji Aoyagi, Head of Tobu Group's Inbound Promotion Department, explained their communications approach to promote inbound tourism.

Tobu Railway is the largest private railway in Japan’s Kanto region, and its massive network extends through Tokyo and four surrounding prefectures. Working together with local municipalities, tourism associations and tour operators, Tobu aims to promote train travel, and train travel as a unique and comfortable experience in Japan.

Kenji said, “Due to the nature of our business, we had three challenges: reaching global audience, providing information to foreign media, and understanding where our online visitors were located.”

Communicating with global audiences

"Most tourists visiting Japan are interested to experience Japanese culture. We needed to have a one-stop information centre that serves a global audience, especially those who were browsing and searching for travel advice in Japan.

Our Mynewsdesk newsroom enabled us to easily publish stories and reach out to our target markets, including Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, China, ASEAN, Western Europe, and Australia. In our newsroom, we share articles, images and videos about cultural events and festivals, and recommend destinations for the four seasons."

TOBU RAILWAY CO.,LTD. - Mynewsdesk

Tobu railway newsroom

Communications with Foreign Media

"It is important for us to support journalists who are writing about Japan by delivering timely stories to them. Our newsroom acts as a platform for us to communicate with foreign journalists. We are able to distribute news to foreign journalists, as soon as they are published. Journalists receive a multimedia news release and can easily access information they need for their story. They are also able to follow our newsroom and receive news about Tobu Group instantly.

Journalists are able to find on our newsroom information about events and travel recommendations via Tobu Railway. For example, an attraction like Asakusa, TOKYO SKYTREE, can be easily accessible via Tobu Railway from the city. One can also find out about attractions which has been popular with tourists."

Understand where visitors were from

"Having access to analytics helps us to understand where visitors are from. This can help us to tailor our communications and measure our efforts.

By reaching global audiences and journalists, and understanding audiences, Kenji believes that their communications effort via Mynewsdesk will help raise awareness about Tobu Railway and increase inbound tourism."

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