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What Top Technology Brands taught us about Influencer Relations..

Blog post   •   Nov 18, 2014 15:00 +08

Silicon Valley Watcher Tom Foremski predicts, “Media Technology will become the nervous system… [and] lifeblood of future companies.” 

How, then, do firms in the consumer-driven tech industry engage their net-savvy audience?

Mynewsdesk studied the newsrooms of Top 70 Technology Brands, and came up with 5 tips on how you can improve your brand communications.

#1: Get clued up on Influencer Relations
Who do your customers listen to?

• Research your potential influencers

• Scale and communicate, manageably

Influencers are anyone who affects the purchase decision. This includes all types of people, including experts, bloggers and friends. Find out who those people are, and reach out to them. A successful marketer will be able to market to, through and with their influencers.

#2: Make sure your newsroom and content are discoverable i.e. website and content optimisation 

• Easy to find

• Information in organised and categorised

• Search and function filters?

• Related content?

Although Search Engine Marketing (SEM) technology have been around for a long time, of the 70 brand newsrooms observed, 40% did not appear on Google for their brand name and news.

It is needless to say that to even be considered in the purchase decision, consumers must first have awareness about the brand. Enhancing newsroom content and chance of discovery will help consumers feel that they are making more informed choices.

#3: Make it easy to access and share videos and other assets

• Social sharing

• Downloadable

• Embeddable 

Multimedia resources enable more information to be communicated within a shorter amount of time. Multimedia content that is shareable has greater virality potential, and facilitates word-of-mouth marketing. Make use of that social media available!

#4: Think like a start-up 

• Make sure it’s mobile friendly

• Keep content up-to-date and resurface the best

• Don’t forget educational content

Modern start-ups are not only born global, they are increasingly becoming more accessible on the go. Other than managing website and search engine optimisation, your newsroom should also be mobile-friendly for your audience to be able to reach you at any time and place. Of course, your brand newsroom should also be informative and provide value to your consumers in order to encourage repeat visits.

#5: Glocalise

• Local newsrooms ensure your global brand messages are culturally relevant at a local level

Undeniably, different business strategies will require different levels of standardisation and adaptation. However, the concept of glocalisation in branding is still applicable to many; where the key idea is to have a uniform brand image and message across all markets, yet be relatable and relevant to local consumers. 

The following is adapted from a previous blog post on Ad:Tech London in October 2014. View the presentation slides used during the presentation here:

Mynewsdesk Ad:Tech London

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