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82-year-old Kristin has never been on the Internet - follow her first week online

News   •   Mar 04, 2015 12:42 +08

She has never used the internet before. But on Monday, began the 82-year-old Kerstin Wolgers' digital journey of discovery. Equipped with webcam, heart rate monitor and other technical equipment, we are going to follow her first steps into the digital world in real time. Follow Mynewsdesk new campaign page Mynewsdesk NOW (in swedish) to see how Kerstin reacts in his first meeting with social media and online dating.

Like Kerstin, just about a million other Swedes have until today lived outside of the digital society. And globally, according to McKinsey's report, it is estimated that only 7% of the world's online population are seniors (aged 55 and above). In Asia, Korea and Japan are estimated to have among the lowest barriers to internet usage, while India, Indonesia, the Philippines and Thailand have medium to high barriers. Overall, only less than half of Asia Pacific is on the Internet. (Only 32% according to 2014 overview by We Are Social.)

Living without the Internet affects your daily life. From practical activities such as travel bookings, to staying in touch with friends, you could be excluded from political debates or from getting your voice heard.

The Internet has now become to what your phone once was - something which we expect that everyone has. Those who do not have Internet access today, primarily senior citizens, encounter challenges.  This is especially so in world where organizations are increasingly digital and going 'paperless'. 

In Sweden, the authorities have a target to fulfil most of their information dissemination online, says Olle Findahl, professor of communication sciences and project manager for .SE ( the Foundation for Internet Infrastructure ) annual report "Swedes och Internet".

During the week, you can follow Kerstin in her various meetings and conversations, both on and offline. She will be introduced to social media, online dating app and discuss advantages and disadvantages of the digitization. You can follow everything in real time on and follow Kerstin on Twitter and Instagram by user name KerstinWolgers.

"Today, communicators are reaching out to a sophisticated audience that is accustomed to receiving and find all kinds of information. We hope to help other communicators to tell interesting stories. With new technology, a relevant theme and interesting events, we will show how to create communications which caters for more," says Sofia Juhlin, Nordic Marketing from Mynewsdesk.

Mynewsdesk's experience with this project will be later shared with the outside world, so other companies can learn to work with single content production.

Kirstin tries Tinder for the first time. Watch the clip below (Click on "CC" icon for English subtitles).

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