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​Mynewsdesk helps agency clients generate sales leads

News   •   Jan 21, 2016 11:38 +08

Forty percent of  Aalto International’s clients have consulted with them due to interest in Mynewsdesk.

Mariko Fukui, CEO for agency Aalto International, said, “Mynewsdesk, as a product, enables us to have opportunities to meet new clients.”

In 2013, Aalto International embarked on partnership with Mynewsdesk to introduce the newsroom service to companies in Japan. Mynewsdesk is offered as part of global PR services to clients.

“Mynewsdesk has a strong background in PR technology and has frequent updates to the platform. That way, we can concentrate in implementing the strategy for clients,” Mariko said.

Since then, Aalto International has seen Mynewsdesk working successfully for some of their clients, MNCs like  ToshibaToyo Tires, and ROHM Semiconductor.

One of their clients in B2B said that Mynewsdesk has worked very well for overall strategy, and especially for getting sales leads through content.

“By using 'Analyze', Mynewsdesk helps companies know the performance of the content, distribution and the newsroom itself.”

Mariko said that companies in Japan usually lack resource to create content and influencer strategies, or connect these strategies to business. She believes that Mynewsdesk, as a platform, will help to cultivate importance of communications strategies and further innovate the industry.

Watch the video for the full interview.

Aalto International is a global branding and public relations agency headquartered in Japan, and has offices in Singapore and Germany.

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