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A "Cosmic" Get-Together

News   •   Oct 17, 2016 13:13 +08

Partnering with Alibaba’s and group buying platform, Huggies® recently introduced an integrated marketing campaign in China that combined online activities with an offline experience. Themed "Exploring the Universe" and launched during the Mid-Autumn Festival, an important Chinese festival closely associated with the full moon, the program delivered a unique brand experience together with exclusive promotions to creatively engage consumers.

The campaign kicked off online with "Huggies® Baby’s Space Exploration", a fun and interactive mobile game where parents could upload their babies’ photos.Offline, the first-ever “baby aerospace museum” provided interactive experiences, including a 360-degree video screen that immersed visitors in the vastness of space. Leveraging augmented reality, babies could explore the universe in a custom-created virtual spacecraft.

Live-streaming from the museum, popular Chinese celebrity Chen Ming led babies on their space exploration journey and announced the Huggies® super promotion on September 20.

In addition to the one-day-only offers, lucky parents had the opportunity to ‘send their babies to the moon’ – seeing a photo of their baby dressed as an astronaut on an outdoor screen at a prominent Shanghai mall.The parents also received a personalized copy of the ‘Baby Exploration Daily’ as a souvenir.

The campaign is an exmple of Huggies®’ commitment to delivering continuous innovation in the form of products and experiences to parents and babies in China.