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Are you and your home AUTUMN types?

News   •   Sep 16, 2016 07:00 +08

Autumn Floors

Using fall colours for your flooring would give your rooms a warm, intimate and harmonious atmosphere. These Autumn colours work well with a variety of wall colours including neutral and cooler tones. In addition, they complement many furniture colours, and are especially great for accentuating colonial and solid furniture.

Autumn Furnishings

If you want to reflect Autumn in your flooring, look for floors with a reddish-brown hue such as our Luxurious Resilient Flooring (LURF) Pulse – Autumn Oak Brown or LURF Grandeur – Havanna Oak Dark, or go for a cherry colour. Because these colours are so dominant, you might like to do as one of our customers did (see main image) and leave your furnishings in a more neutral colour palette

You can also emulate this season with furniture and interior decorations. Golds and oranges are particularly fantastic colours that can help bring Fall into your rooms. If you’re choosing metal tones for your furnishings, choose silver and pewter for bold contrast or dark bronze and black for an easy pairing.

Grey room, white ceiling and brownish-yellow floor - the contrast between cold and warm colours delineates the room and give it personality. But the yellow and dark tangerine pillows from the grey sofa bring light and warmth to the space and create an Autumn atmosphere. 

The two blankets from the sofa invite you to take a nap on the comfortable couch on a cold and windy autumn afternoon (or as wuld be the case in Singapore, a tropical rainstorm!). The LURF Balance – Silk Oak Warm Natural works well for such an interior design.

Sometimes all it takes is just one decoration item to change the look and feel of your space. The beauty of this dining room comes from its simplicity and clean colours and design, with an outstanding gold-coloured centrepiece that raises the stylishness and sophistication of the space, and prevents the room from feeling sterile by adding a touch of Autumn warmth. To recreate this look, use our LURF Pulse – Sea Breeze Oak Beige, or LURF Balance – Pearl Oak Beige.

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