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News   •   Dec 17, 2015 15:36 +08

1) Shopping in a digital age

Visually-led piece, bringing to life 6 different examples of how consumers will benefit and their roles transform through digitalization. To include: 3D print @ home; examples from the Connected Hotel; Pay with your personal data; social shopping; my personal assistant; The intention is to create an accessible and people-focussed opening to the magazine, which also introduces several of the cross-cutting themes.

  • Author: Santi Ristol, Scientific Community Member and General Manager of Tempos 21 (a subsidiary company of Atos specialized in mobile solutions) (Bio:

2) Changing lives with assistive tech

Neil Miliken’s explains how looks at how assistive tech can be used by those businesses seeking businesses to be more inclusive.

3) “I, Co-bot” – Smart manufacturing and the future of work

Every previous industrial revolution has brought with it fear about the future of workers – and this one is no different. But the Amberg experience shows such concerns may be unfounded. We introduce the concept of the “co-bot” and, along with other business developments such as decentralisation and reshoring, speculate more broadly on how the role of human workers in the sector is likely to evolve.

  • Author:Thilo Stieber, Atos Head of Manufacturing, Retail Market

4) Why reducing time to market is a matter of life or death

How digital health will transform the future business models of the pharmaceutical industry. By reducing the time and cost of bringing medicines to market, for example through digitizing clinical trials, tech can play a key role in saving lives. At what point will regulators be willing to replace human trials with computerized versions? Sidebar with other examples where business benefits will derive from a reduced TTM through optimizing the supply chain and production cycle.

  • Author: Markus Fuchlocher, Head of Pharmaceuticals, Atos

5) Tomorrow’s weather

Visually-led piece with a data visualisation based on Weather forecast and climate change data for France between now and the end of the century. Accompanying words piece highlighting the power and predictive potential of the new Bull supercomputer.

  • Author: Damien Declat, HPC Presales and performance director