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Bedbugs are small but mighty powerful to infest a house

News   •   Sep 01, 2016 15:59 +08

Frequent travelers have a higher risk of transporting the bedbugs back to their homes. Bedbugs are good hitchhikers and are often left unnoticed hiding in luggage and clothing. They are attracted to body heat and carbon dioxide, and are fond of fabrics and upholsteries such as curtain drapes, sofas, bed mattresses and carpets.

Bedbugs are around 5mm long to squeeze in the narrowest gaps. A single bedbug can convert into a full infestation just within 10 weeks and females lay an average of 5 eggs per day, and up to 200 to 500 eggs in her lifetime. It can survive up to 2 months without a blood meal or even up to a year, depending on temperature and humidity.

How you can check in your bedroom or living room for signs of bedbug infestation? Dark blood stains on surrounding walls or small, dark blood spots which is 0.5 to 1mm on mattress, cast skins on mattress buttons and seams can be seen. Wooden bedframes provide crack and crevices for habouring bedbugs to lay their eggs. If curtain is near to the bed, it can hold bedbugs in pleats. 

Bed bug bites transmit no disease to human however bed bug bites can lead to itchy or swelling bites on bodies. Medications such as antihistamines and corticosteroids may be prescribed to reduce allergic reactions, and antiseptic or antibiotic ointments to prevent infection. However, many can still be affected by the social stigma of getting a bed bug infestation in their home.

As bedbugs routinely travel as far as 6 meters or more and tend to be carried further, it is important to also spread your checks across to adjoining rooms or units in your house. Home maintenance should also not be neglected

  • Seal any cracks and crevices to prevent any potential gaps for bed bugs to hide in
  • Cover box springs and mattresses with zippered cover
  • Seal any tears with duct tape
  • Reduce clutter in your bedroom
  • Avoid using wood, wicker or cane material furniture
  • Wall coverings to be in good state

“To Do Checklist” to engage in diligently at home

-Check hotspots regularly for potential infestation signs

-Perform diligent housekeeping such as washing bedsheets, curtains and clothes in a dryer on high setting. Stuffed toys may also be placed in a hot dryer for 30 minutes

-Vacuum carpet or fabric drapes and upholstered furniture regularly (dispose vacuum contents immediately and carefully)

-Pull beds away from the wall

-Remove layer by layer and check for any bed bug on the sheets

Resorting to “DIY” methods such as using insect repellent could not combat the fast, massive and wide-coverage infestation of the bugs. Rentokil Pest Control Singapore offers an integrated Bed Bug Control Program. The following bed bug treatment methods are available from Rentokil’s pest control services:

  • Bed Bug residual spray treatment
  • Bed Bug steam treatment
  • Bed Bug Steamer produces steam (180 degree Celsius dry steam) which is capable of eliminating adult bed bugs, larvae as well as the eggs through thermal shock.
  • Diligent inspections, monitoring and recommendations.
  • Warranty for peace of mind → 2 months warranty* is extended for your assurance.
  • *2 months warranty effective from first treatment

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