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Beyond The Surface - Mr Chan Chong Beng, Founder and Chairman of Goodrich Global, Shares his love for Wallpaper and Why it is more than just Wall treatment - Part 1

News   •   Aug 28, 2012 14:00 +08


When did you develop your passion for wallcoverings?

I was pursuing a degree in architecture when I realised there was a local demand for wallpapers, which was not being met. So I left school after eight months of study in 1974 and set up a business sourcing for and supplying wallpapers with a few friends. The venture started with $1,500 from my mother, and I began by buying from other retailers before branching out to import my own designs.


When was Goodrich Global officially founded?

Goodrich Global started in 1983 after I became experienced in the wallpaper industry. We were a seven-man team back then and I was going to trade shows in Europe on my own to import exclusive designs. Today, the company has over 420 employees, with 19 regional offices.


How has the trend of using wallpapers changed over the years?

Wallpapers were thought to be an expensive treatment in the 1990s, compared to the relatively cheap property prices back then. Also, the quality of the homes being constructed weren't good enough, so homeowners had to condition the walls first before applying the wallpapers to prevent it from looking uneven or bubbling. We worked mostly with hotels and resorts.

However, the situtation has changed completely with proper education provided to homeowners. Walls and wallpapers are also of better quality now. Our wallpapers are resistant to humidity, come with a three-year guarantee, are durable and easy to maintain.


Featured by Singapore Tatler Homes Dec 2011/ Jan 2012