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Beyond The Surface - Mr Chan Chong Beng, Founder and Chairman of Goodrich Global, Shares his love for Wallpaper and Why it is more than just Wall treatment - Part 2

News   •   Aug 28, 2012 18:00 +08


Why should homeowners consider wallpaper coverings for their homes?

Wallpaper is part of your lifestyle, because it reflects your personality and taste through the way you style your domain. The extensive range of coverings we offer features diverse designs and varied textures. This adds another dimension to the feel of the home and the impression you give to guests when they come to visit. We have also branched out into offering premium carpets, flooring and fabrics to complement the wallcoverings and provide the design of the interiors with a seamless finish.


How about bespoke wallpapers?

We offer wallpapers that are hand-drawn by our artisans in Asia. It's an innovation we developed as an ideal alternative to commissioning wall murals, which requires the artist to be on-site for a considerable period of time. This also allows customers the choice of covering walls of any size. We've had homeowners from Indonesia who've requested for hand-painted wallpapers that depict the history of their ancestors.


As the Chairman of the Singapore Prestigious Brand Award, what are important aspects of branding that have helped Goodrich Global?

Branding must start from the way a company present itself, through details such as the stationery and namecards. This bolsters the customers' confidence in the good service and quality offerings you provide. Most importantly, you must be able to deliver what your brand promise.


Featured by Singapore Tatler Home Dec 2011/ Jan 2012