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Huggies Helps Moms-to-be in Vietnam Prepare for the First Touch

News   •   Dec 17, 2015 14:03 +08

What does the first touch mean to your baby? Huggies got expectant moms in Vietnam thinking about this through a programme that prepared them for this important moment.

Huggies got the mom to be consciously involved in selecting her first diaper by making her realize that this is a very important decision for her soon-to-be born child. After all, the diaper is one of the first few touches for her baby in life.

The idea of “Prepare for the First Touch with Huggies Newborn Range” was thus born. With its four layers that shield tender skin from poo and pee, and a soft liner that gently wraps the baby’s bottom, Huggies provides gentle protection and care to newborns.

Designed with the needs of a mom-to-be in mind, and inspired by the anticipation and love for her unborn child, the First Touch programme presented practical information and the role of Huggies in caring for one’s newborn. Digital was the lead medium, backed by hospital sampling and a television commercial that brought viewers along the emotional journey of a mom-to-be as she prepared for her baby’s first touch.

A series of online prenatal classes by renowned doctors from trusted maternity hospitals covered topics such as preparation for baby’s arrival, with particular emphasis on protection for delicate skin. This content, along with practical preparation tips for mom-to-be, was featured on the Huggies website.



Moms were also introduced to Huggies’ tangible benefits via a novel social-gifting program. By watching a prenatal class video, sharing a ‘first touch’ photo of her and baby and inviting other moms to ‘fill’ her virtual caddy with Huggies, she received a caddy of Huggies products.

The campaign successfully engaged with Vietnamese moms and more importantly, Huggies ensured that their babies would be gently protected, right from the very first touch.