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May You Smile like a Child

News   •   Oct 17, 2016 14:49 +08

Kimberly-Clark China recently held its annual Family Day at its Shanghai head office. About 180 Kimberly-Clark employees and their family members attended the event, which provided the latter an opportunity to visit their loved ones’ work place and experience its corporate culture.

Under the theme of “May You Smile like a Child”, to promote better work-life balance and encourage all employees to stay curious, three themed zones were designed to cater to visitors of different ages. The young ones explored “Huggies Wonderland” which sparked their curiosity and imagination. “Time Capsule” brought senior family members down memory’s lane and reignited their childhood memories with its vintage theme. Young couples and friends tried their hands at botany and creating art pieces in the “Happiness World” zone.

In addition to the annual Family Day, Kimberly-Clark China has maintained the longstanding tradition of encouraging employees to accompany their child on the first day of school. For a better school-going experience, employees are encouraged to take their child to school or the bus stop on the first day of the semester to relieve their child’s anxiety and get to know their child’s teacher, administrator or bus driver.

Both initiatives are in keeping with Kimberly-Clark’s caring culture, which extends to beyond the workplace. Caring for one another is central to the company’s culture – so that everyone at Kimberly-Clark employees can smile like a child.