OANDA Spokesperson pitch: FX & the USA Elections

News   •   Nov 09, 2016 22:16 +08

Dear editors, producers and correspondents,

Stephen Innes, senior trader at OANDA is available for commentary on the outcome of the US election. His top line thoughts on the elections are as follows:


A Trump win could alter the Fed’s view. While I see the NFP as an important piece of the puzzle, there will be greater USD impact from a downside outlier as opposed to the upside. With election anxiety running high, a positive print is unlikely to send Fed rate hike probabilities shooting above 75%, at least until the election dust settles as election risk continues to dominate the landscape.

In the meantime, fear of the unknown drives sentiment and with voting gap traps and black swans circling trader’s heads, the markets will become increasing defensive over the next few days. While Clinton maintains a lead, albeit slim, in the critical projections in the Electoral College, it is nearing crunch time.

Despite Trump's political incorrectness, he has performed with just enough temperament and humour to fascinate the masses and make this a real horse race. From my chair, it remains too close to call.


If you quote the opinions above, please attribute the comment to Stephen Innes, senior trader at OANDA. To book Stephen for comment, please contact him at (m) +65 9176 1384 or email sinnes@oanda.com.