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Open House at Kimberly-Clark Nanjing Mill for “Huggies Moms”

News   •   Dec 22, 2015 17:22 +08

Kimberly-Clark recently invited a group of Chinese mothers and journalists to tour the Huggies diaper mill in Nanjing, where they had an up-close look at the exceptional quality that goes into each Huggies diaper.

A report from global market research company Mintel lists softness, natural materials, leakage prevention, breathability, as well as strech and elasticity as the key considerations for more than 90% of Chinese consumers when they select diapers[1]. Designed to give every baby a comfortable fit over time, no matter which stage in his or her development, Huggies diapers have won over Chinese consumers and cultivated loyal advocates known as “Huggies Moms”.

As one of Kimberly-Clark’s most advanced manufacturing facilities, the Nanjing millis designed and constructed according to LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) standards and adheres to Kimberly-Clark’s global quality standards.

The group experienced this firsthand as they completed a series of strict disinfection and protective stepsbefore entering the workshop, just as the mill employees do to guarantee hygiene and safety throughout the manufacturing process. With the most advanced sterilization equipment running in every workshop and strictly controlled bacteria levels in each unit, the Nanjing mill applies standards 10 times higher than China’s national standard.

The visitors were also impressed by the leading-edge efficiency of the world-class facility that housed a state-of-the-art, fully-automated production line. Every step of the production process from raw material input and manufacturing to testing and packaging is fully automated, reducing the likelihood of contamination due to manual operation.

Each and every piece of diaper is monitored and tested to ensure that it is free from impurities and meets Huggies’ quality standards, using advaned equipment such as a high-speed imaging system, metal detector and weight tester. The advanced “electronic eye” equipment can assess whether materials are handled in the proper way, and idenifies and removes items which do not meet the requirements. This is supplemented by spot checks by quality control staff every six minutes.

Among the other highlights of the day were a presentation by Professor Fan Qinying, Chief Physician of the China-Japan Friendship Hospital, and a pediatrician from Amcare Women’s & Children’s Hospital, who explained the cause of diaper rash and the role of a good quality diaper in preventing this.

The mothers also participated in a “Breathing” Diapers experiment where they experienced Huggies’ excellent water absorbing ability and breathability, unique features that allow baby’s skin to breathe all day long.

Thoughtful design and premier quality have helped Huggies win over the hearts of young Chinese parents. A mother who is expecting her second baby said: “I became a loyal fan of Huggies after choosing it for my first child. This visit has taken me behind the scenes and I now know even more about Huggies. Huggies always makes perfect products, so I definitely choose Huggies for my child.”  

[1]Nappies and Baby Wipes - China - March 2015, Mintel