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The Success Chapter- Chairman of Goodrich Global, Mr Chan Chong Beng shares the true meaning of sincerity, hard work and success - Part 2

News   •   Aug 14, 2012 14:49 +08


Never letting his circumstances get in the way of his amtion, Mr Chan learned to work with the opportunities that crossed his path. He started his first business with a partner to sell soft furnishings. After he split from his partner, Mr Chan started Goodrich Wallcoverings Pte Ltd in 1983, a company that devoted itself to selling wallpapers. Due to pending legal matters with his first business, the ignition to his new company was hardly smooth sailing. But never one to surrender to life's pressures, the difficulties only acted as a catalyst to his growing aspiration. Today, where his company not only thrives on the principles he has so fondly laid down, it also takes over other companies in trouble. Reflecting on the past, he appears stronger than ever before, "After having gone through all of that, there is nothing else that can challenge me today. You can tell me there is a global crisis but it won't bother me. On a personal level, I would say that it was obviously very good training for me", he says.

During the course of our meeting, Mr Chan's strong personality shines bright and you get a glimpse into the honest, approachable and outspoken gentleman. Mr Chan represented his booming company as it won the Overall Winner for the Entrepreneur of the year in 2007. Goodrich was inaugurated with a single focus aimed at Wallcoverings due to all practical purposes as Mr Chan points out "because it was the easiest product to handle. It also took less capital and less storage. And in terms of manpower, I could easily carry three rolls of wallpaper by myself." From the intitial days of carrying the wallpaper samples to customers' houses for a selection, the company gradually grew from strength. In 1991, it employed its own sales team who directly interacted with the designers and customers, making all business decisions smooth and professional.


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