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The Success Chapter- Chairman of Goodrich Global, Mr Chan Chong Beng shares the true meaning of sincerity, hard work and success - Part 3

News   •   Aug 14, 2012 18:00 +08


Never one to be bowed down by the judgement of other, Mr Chan always followed his intuition and ultimately his efforts were rewarded. Not wanting to adhere to the inefficient ways of the business-to-business model of the 1980s, he chose to do things his own way and before his competitors could grasp the situation he inaugurated his first building in Tampines. While others saw a loss in every crisis, Mr Chan and his brand saw opportunities to expand, explore and grow. The 1997-1998 recession saw Goodrich expand into the China and Hong Kong markets, the 2003 SARS epidemic witnessed the company strengthen its branding policy and thereby go on to win a host of brand awards. "To me, a crisis is a good filter for knocking out the weaker players. it is also a time to re-forcus", Mr Chan's unique outlook reflects a deep understanding of the business. With the past behind him and the future spread out countless new adventures, Goodrich ultimately took over a fabric company. In 2009, Goodrich even added a high-end American manufacturing company to its grand porfolio.


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