Breathe Well or Risk Health Problems

Press Releases   •   Aug 29, 2011 14:19 +08

Air pollutants can cause a variety of health problems and are especially harmful to young children, old folks and those with certain pre-existing respiratory conditions. With today's rising concerns about air quality, allergens, and respiratory illnesses, many are looking for solutions to improve their indoor air quality.


Why Do I Need To Drink Better?

Press Releases   •   Aug 29, 2011 14:09 +08

While it is common knowledge that drinking water is a good way to hydrate and replenish the body, it is little known that consumption of conventionally treated water also entails the ingestion of unhealthy impurities, chemicals, salts and minerals. With our range of user-friendly water purification products, you can effortlessly enjoy quality water in the comforts of your home or office.

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