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2012 NATAS Promotions through C&E Holidays

Press Release   •   Aug 27, 2012 12:51 +08

SINGAPORE - August 27th, 2012 - For over 40 years already, C&E Holidays Pte Ltd has been in the field of travel and tourism in Singapore. Its years of operations make it impossible not to realize that the company is indeed one of the pioneers which led the industry into its current booming state. The success of this Singapore travel agent is greatly owed to its undying perseverance to deliver only the bests to its clients. Part of it is credited to its membership on the National Association of Travel Agents Singapore.

C&E Holidays believe that everybody deserves a holiday. A pleasant trip to a beautiful city far from home is an opportunity for everyone, and is not a privilege intended for the rich ones alone. So for the year 2012, NATAS had prepared a lot of interesting travel promos which nobody can say no to deals and tour packages which are made available through different travel agencies in Singapore, including C&E Holidays.

To provide convenience to the traveling public is the most important driving factor of NATAS and C&E Holidays in bringing various travel and tour packages. Together, they bring the world closer to everyone. Together, they expose people to the different goodness of life including travels, cruises, cultures, adventures, shopping and culinary delights.

The NATAS promotions offered through C&E Holidays are something to look forward to. The prices of the packages are definitely inviting, as it puts highlight on the chance to stay on budget without compromising the adventure promised by the tour packages available.

Typical customers for these deals are young people who wish to set foot on the worlds most beautiful places without paying much. Usually, they use C&E Holidays online website to reserve cheap yet wonderful deals that could land them to different free and easy and guided tour packages to Asian destinations like Singapore, Bali, Hong Kong, Taipei, Tokyo, Seoul, and more.


C&E Holidays Pte Ltd has been in the business for more than 40 years already, with its years of service. It is a proud member of the National Association of Travel Agents Singapore and the International Air Transport Association. Its operation is authorized by the Singapore Tourism Board. http://www.cneholidays.com/