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5 Things To Look Out For in Good Laminate Flooring

Press Release   •   Aug 31, 2015 10:17 +08

One of the best solutions for your home’s flooring is that of laminate. This comes in a lot of varieties of sizes, colors, thickness, and specifications. Done right, this can transform your home’s entries, walkways, and much more. It’s a wonderful solution that many homeowners go forward with. It can fit nearly any home, office, and even commercial spaces, done right. It’s with that in mind that you should look at a few points that help with picking up laminate flooring materials.

The Thickness Matters

The first thing that you should be considering is that of the individual pieces. What thickness is each piece? You have to consider this because this affects the longevity of your flooring. Thinner stock will not last nearly as long as thicker solutions. Thinner pieces also feel lighter and can buckle under certain weight restrictions.

The Design of Your Home

Look at the design of your home, and then compare and contrast the flooring type that you want. What color, theme, and complementary elements are you going to highlight? This design protocol should not be overlooked. It’s easy to jump over this in favor of solid floor solutions. However, you’ll regret taking on this note. Your design principles should not get overlooked, take a note of the laminate colors, and source materials.

Durability of Pieces

Aside from thickness, you need to denote the durability of each piece that you’re going to put down. Laminate can come in various options, and you could invest a lot of money into something that isn’t nearly as durable as you’d like. Durability matters greatly, and you should definitely make sure that you’re building on the right pieces. Durability will give you resources that will last many years, rather than deteriorate after a few months due to high traffic. Focus on the durability when selecting the right pieces.

The Cost of Pieces

Consider the cost per square feet, and the labor involved with putting them in place. There’s various styles that allow you to work on it yourself, but if you aren’t going to be doing the job, look for inexpensive solutions that will allow a contractor to assist you. Cost of pieces will definitely make or break your budget in terms of flooring.

The Warranty

In the end, you should be looking at a high quality laminate solution and the warranty that comes with it. If you do not focus on the warranty, you could end up with something that breaks, chips, or doesn’t fit properly in your home. When that occurs, you need a good warranty to ensure that you are able to replace pieces, or get a full refund as a result of the issue you have. 

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