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A Catalog Feature: Be Inspired (Spring/Summer 2014) - FABRICS

Press Release   •   May 07, 2014 17:36 +08

Spring has arrived and its time to get rid of the OLD and welcome the NEW. The easiest way to change the look of a room is through the use of FABRICS.

Fabrics come in an array of shades, textures and prints. This makes them very versatile in the ways in which they can be used.  Fabrics can be used in 3 beautiful ways- throw cushions, curtains and upholstery.  

There is no hard and fast rule on mastering the perfect colour/design combination of throw cushions. It is all about switching it up and finally finding the right mix.  Here are 3 ways you can mix and match your cushions.

1.  Select an elaborate patterned fabric (floral, geometric or damask) and match it with a plain. The plain should be selected from the base colour of the patterned design.

2.  Have varying designs for each of your throw pillows but make sure they are all from thesame color palette.

3.  Stick to a theme. Be it geometrics for all or stripes. Get the added oomph with combining different colours (not more than 3) in the same designs.

After the walls, curtains are responsible for making a dramatic change is a room.  

1.  Day Curtains are meant to curb the sunlight during the day and provide privacy. These curtains are sheer in nature.

2.  Night curtains are made from thicker and darker colours. They are used to block most of the light from going out or coming into the room.

Upholstering sofas and chairs is another way to introduce change into your home. A key point to note when choosing fabrics for upholstery is the number of people traffic there is in the space.  This will determin the type of fabric you should select  for upholstering your sofa or chairs. 

From curtains to furniture upholstery, Goodrich fabrics can be coordinated with your choice of wallcoverings to create an ambience you desire. Coming in all shades, prints and textures, our fabrics will give you a multitude of decorative possibilities to explore.

Download the Be Inspired (Spring/Summer 2014) catalog here:

Download the Fabric Trends 2014 catalog here:

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